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  1. When you say outside you mean original Ford parts outside like in deira or sharjah spare parts dealer or you mean duplicate spare parts...? Any how difference is huge and worth considering. May you should add youtube links in your post to help others.....?
  2. Of course. But did you hear about the fine of a lexus driver who accidentally hit the tram. He got a fine of 30,000 aed. So be careful if you are driving towards jumeirah side.
  3. The valve strings are weak in my car as suggested by the garage people. But i want to diagnose it on my own. But how?
  4. Is it possible to measure the pressure of the fuel pump? How?
  5. I have got P0325 trouble code in my car. What does it mean? How can I resolve this issue?
  6. i think the wiring must have gone loose. Check of the wiring connetion under the horn of your car.
  7. And what oil viscosity is best suited for my car?
  8. I got it checked from the dealer already. they reorted that th evel of oil was certainly higher than to be maintained. Fortunately, there was no severe damage in the engine, otherwise I would have ended up paying lot of bucks for some repair or replacement i am sure!
  9. Generally engine goes rough when there is something wrong with the air filters or coolant sensor.
  10. I had the same issue. Y dealer reported that the power steering fluid level is low. May be the same thing is with your car. According to me, the best place to deal with some issue is to go back to the dealer itself. They will diagnose the issue properly.
  11. Please someone tell me how to maintain the cooling system in the car so that I can avoid any heavy replacement or damage cost of it?
  12. actually its not really a good ption to install the auto Ac on your own. One needs to take care of collacting the refrigerant very safely and for that, one needs an ssistance from the expert. Otherwise, the refrigerant will leak all the time ruining your cmplete engine/
  13. Recently got oil changed in my car and suddenly the oil is leaking in the car. What can be the possible reason behind it? And is it gonna affect my car badly?
  14. Worse Car ever! I have this car from 4 years now. And god knows what not I have got replaced in my car. Annoyed of the customer service of Ford as well. They think as if selling the car is their only job, but after sale service is what they don’t care about. Planning to sell this car.
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