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  1. hey guys, I just got my fuel filter changed a week ago and now my car is back to normal. Apparently it was obstructed by being dirty. Hope its the same for you too sajeed ... hope the solution is just a breeze away.
  2. Hi. I am a senior technician with over 25 years of experience. You have to replace the fuse box that contains the built-in fuel pump relay. The relay is mentioned as a non-serviceable part in the owners manual. To replace this relay, you have to replace the fuse-box. There are 12 quick connect plugs and a 10 mm socket to remove the wire going through the firewall. Yes, this wire is removable after you pop the cover off of the connection. A 1/2 inch socket will unbolt the fuse-box from the inside wall at the front seat passengers right kick panel. Two sockets are all the tools that you need. There are two wires going to the fuel pump near the left rear tire. Make sure that the fuel pump is getting power with a test light. This can be checked at the module behind left rear tire, on top of the frame. You can see it at the 2:00 position at the rear tire through the fender-well. The plug is on the front side of the module. You will have to lay under the truck to access this wire. A shield mounts the module to the frame. Two small screws hold the module on the shield and two more hold the shield on the frame. Coming out of the fuse-box is a dark green wire with a yellow stripe. This wire sends power out of the fuse-box to the inertia switch to the fuel pump. If you have power at #12 fuse but none at the green/yellow wire, the relay is bad. This wire is on the top of the fuse box, towards the firewall and bottom left wire in the plug. Again, to replace this relay on this vehicle, you must change the fuse-box. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks man ... he is still tripping out about it since he has never had these kind of rims on his car before. He says they look incredibly non-durable and that's the last thing you want to hear/think about your new vehicle. he checked in with the ford guys and they came in a package so they cannot be exchanged. To be honest I tried telling him they don't look so bad.
  4. One of my friends bought a new edge and paid extra for chrome clad wheels (forgot the size) ... they turned out to be plastic. Today we were searching for them online and found out that they are actually supposed to be plastic!! Anything he should be worried about when he changes the wheels - we are hoping that he can return them for some other kind of rims. Please help!
  5. sorry to hear about your problem jaseel I am experiencing the same ... at first the voice command wouldn't work and then my radio got stuck, the screen was on even after the turned the car off. When a friend of mine had this kind of problem once, her's fixed itself up after 10 minutes but mine stayed on till half an hour and then it seemed as if it just died. Should I be looking into a master resetting? Can someone help with this?
  6. Hi guys, I am looking forward to a decent upgrade from my honda civic to an SUV and had my heart and eyes on the Ford explorer 2013. I know its condsidered to be amongst one of the affordable SUVs but do you guys think this is a good option or are there better options out there for the same price? Valuable feedback is highly appreciated.
  7. After i have parked the car i cant change the gear into parking. the gear shifts to reverse D and even second but not into parking. what am i suppose to do to fix this problem?
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