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  1. hi guys,.coolant lekage reveal on Heater Panel drain pipe,.yes it's scary as mr colonel expectation & yet expensive too,.but am planning to bybass the heater for budget wise though were here in GCC for self explanatory,.would it be possibel?/ & is there any body gone this bypass whom could guide us which garage workshop did it well in reasonable price..regards,...
  2. Thanks a lot ,.will keep you posted,.good day....
  3. Hi am arnldz,. Got myself used 2005 Focus Hatchback, just seeking an advise from the group of what i am troubled indeed,.(Take note: Engine is cool & in good running condition),Only for: Windshield Reservoir,have to filled it out from 50km run for almost a liter of water even am not using the windshield washer, The coolant consumption almost 4 gallons from average 6k Km run,. Please advise to both with unseen leakage,..Thanks & More Power,...
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