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  1. ethan


  2. Switch off the High Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter in both the channel and then start tuning again to what sounds nice in your car.
  3. I am watching your guys off-road fun videos from some time now and I am tempted too to get my hands on second car as a 4WD to join the fun. Wondering what will be the first step in vehicle selection other than brand or make (which is never ending debate). I guess the choice of gearing dictate a lot of promising fun or disappointment. What do you guys as an avid off-roader prefer if you have a chance to choose: Automatic Gear vs Manual Gear and WHY?
  4. If it's just one of incident, I wouldn't bother much but just remove, check, clean and install all spark plug once to eliminate any doubt for foul plug or loose HT leads (if any).
  5. Of course you can, it's more about car enthusiasm than about the region or place. You can learn many things from our side of the world and we can learn new stuff from you. Btw, which part of part of world you belong to and how did you manage to bump here. This will be interesting to know how our car community getting world famous.
  6. Rolling resistance means for how long the tires can freely rotate once you leave the gas pedal. Smoother straight line highway thread have least rolling resistance and roll the car for long once you lift off the foot from gas pedal. Chunky, beefy thread offroad and m/s thread will have too much resistance as car slows down instantly as soon as you lift foot off the gas pedal. This rolling resistance play very important rolde in fuel efficiency and there is a good 10%-15% difference in fuel mileage for best and worst rolling resistance tires. There is no Z class, but i belive there is class A - G and it's the combination of three things that matter while choosing your tire Fuel mileage + Wet grip + Noise. Higher the fuel mileage rating will have worst of wet grip. Higher the wet grip will have worst the fuel mileage + too much road noise. Ideal tire selection range for normal road usage in UAE heat: Fuel mileage: B-D Wet grip: A-C Noise: 60-80 db
  7. Passing has no issue with small color correction, if any big dent or damage is there then they will fail the car but not for paint peeling off or fading. I have seen car roof and bonnet faded out completely and still clear the test.
  8. He has already replied you about the repair of gear is rebuilding only, you cannot fix anything inside without removing the gear box completely outside the car. Replacing partial parts is not advisable if you plan to keep the car for long, as other part will wear and again after a year or two you have to open the gearbox. So complete rebuild with OEM quality component is the only way out. So to bite this bullet or not, you need to dig the history and ask why they have not changed the gear oil ever (in case).
  9. How is the steepness of this road, can 6 cyl sedan is capable to manage?
  10. I really like reading what everyone said here, beautiful display of knowledge + experience. My input on above are very descriptive, hope it helps. Average life with almost no unusual trouble Japanese: 5 years German Cars: 4-5 years UK, US and Korean: 3 years Average life with half life trouble Japanese: 5-10 years German Cars: 5-7 years UK, US and Korean: 3-6 years Average life with too much trouble, hard to keep car on road with reasonable expenses Japanese: 10-15 years German Cars: 7-10 years UK, US and Korean: 6-8 years
  11. What I meant guys is the replacement filter in box you can change to K&N or any other performance filter, but fixing separate cone filter will invite trouble from the first look of engine bay.
  12. I have been to musaffah few times with my friend who lives in Abu Dhabi, there are plenty of sizeable workshop options there, shop around and get couple of guys to quote you to make sense.
  13. This is very interesting question, and I will try to be specific as much as I can on what is allowed and what is not. Still people do "not allowed " stuff and reverse it on the day of passing. Allowed: Lift kit (2-4 Inch) Air filters Roof rack Snorkel Mild exhaust Fancy head lights or LED Day lights Winch Tire spacers Fiber body kit Tire fenders Not Allowed: Loud exhaust Loud headers Full metal bumper LED flood light on top Sticker job (small or big)
  14. I am using magnetic holder and never had any issue with google maps or waze.
  15. In almost all my cars I had these louvers. It comes with hood louver from the previous owner and never had an issue in passing. I think what Danny mentioned above makes absolute sense that as far as job is neatly done which is safe your car and other road user then RTA has no problem. This failing story must be circulating in market when someone get the sub standard job done.
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