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  1. Thanks Jai, Have scheduled an appointment with two Transmission Expert and will seek a report which i will head straight to the dealers. We have tested many similar cars yet none duplicates the same problems but they insist they have checked and even have had ford technicians check it and they say its as per design intent. Am really tired and frustrated of the car.
  2. I own a 2010 Ford Focus Trend 5 door Hatchback My Main concerns still remain as follows. 1.The Car Jerking when coming to sudden halt the Re-Acceleration. 2. Cranky Noises coming from the Transmission during the 1st Scenario. 3. A new issue that has suddenly come up is after the car is parked for a long time, and its time for a drive during the first stop the whole car violently shudders and if in slow moving traffic the whole car will shake you have change the gear to neutral and back to drive twice for the shudder to stop. Has anyone been experiencing the same as the dealer says its normal which isnt based on the many transmission experts i have visited?
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