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  1. Hi- I had purchased a used ford explorer which came with a DVD Headrest installed by the previous owner. The headrest has tilted backward and i am looking for a solution to move it back in original condition. Any suggestions or any recommendation for a technician who can help it fix. I had checked with the ford dealer who told me that since the headrest was not installed from them therefore they cant help. Thanks for your feedback Regards, K
  2. Hi- Today my ford was giving problems in start up, when i put up the key , the sync system was blinking and eventually went out completely. I tried many times, was not successful in starting the engine. Afterward i tried to put the neutral gear and pumped up the gas and the ignition worked. Not sure why this happened ? And how i can avoid this in future specially if it does not start up even in Neutral ? Any feedback what went wrong?
  3. Hi My explorer's side view driver mirror( complete assembly) is damaged( someone hit it while parked).Instead of replacing it I am thinking about getting it repaired as the bottom part of assembly is bit open however the glass is fine and assembly is still in working condition . Any suggestion where should I get this repaired from? The new one cost around 1800 aed.
  4. Hi...is there a way to a install maps ? If not do u know how much the local dealer charges for this service?
  5. Its Explorer 20012.....My car does not have the sticker for tire pressure info... Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi- A very basic question, what is the recommended tire pressure for ford explorer in Dubai? I have not been able to find the sticker on the door and anywhere else in the car and not sure what is the recommended tire pressure. Thanks for your feedback. Ciao K
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