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  1. Different opinion here... they were great, and their time way ahead in terms of looks, air suspension and unbelievable comfort....
  2. Your primary concern is your back, and that cannot be fixed by a particular car brand or type of seat. It is a for manufacturer a huge challenge to build seats that fits all. In some cases, the most basic cars can deliver more seat comfort than some advanced multi adjustment seats in high end cars. For example, my wife who is 5ft, and weighs about 45kg sits very comfortable in her 2017 Lexus RX350. I am 6.3ft, way to heavy, and cannot find a good seating position/comfort in this SUV and will not last a ride to Abu Dhabi. But I feel very comfortable in the much bigger seats of my 2018 Silverado; I can drive a whole day without complaints. I see here a lot of support here for Pajero's; they are great SUV's, but they are of an old design and do not set high standards on overall comfort. However, depending on your posture it could be that your back may feel very comfortable in that seat. You just have to try it during a long test drive. I am also quite sensitive to a good seating position and quality, and found 3 brands that did very well for me in providing me seating comfort. Volvo (the best), Chevy and Mercedes. The worst in my experience are Ford Explorer, to short and narrow and Toyota Landcruiser, to short and bad backrest). Many people may disagree, and that is correct... its personal. Test drive a lot of different cars and take your pick....
  3. Great news? Its an insult to the efforts of law obeing drivers. Nice job Dubai Police! Serve and protect: in the mean time Dubai Police let drivers who are risking my and my family life get away with offenses.
  4. Hi Barry, I am sorry to say that you are missing the point from my messages. I am the first one to say that projectiles in the car, at any accidents are a problem. Even a simple umbrella can cause injury if not restrained. My initial question is, Is this a requirement as per UAE law to have it mounted in the passenger foot-well? My 2 cents: Unless a fire extinguisher is professionally mounted with strong straps and several bolds to the chassis of the car, it will NOT be safe in a passenger footwell. It is not safe in the case with the mounting done by the dealer I bought the car from; 1 bold and a flimsy plastic bracket. Would you let your wife and child ride the car knowing this extinguisher could become a projectile wile in a crash???? I am sure this is the general quality of mounting done in the UAE. Next is the question, do you really need it in the foot well? NO. If buying a 250K luxury car driven on a highway most of the time, it is very much questionable if my passengers have to step over the extinguisher, have it obstructing a comfortable seating experience each time they get in the car. I mean its a serious intrusion to comfort!!! Its just a joke. Its perfectly fine in the boot, provided its mounted professionally. Ps, In my 30 years here in Dubai, more than 20 year I spend off-roading, and have been 3 time a marshal for the UAE dessert challenge and seen my share of roll overs and professional safety precautions. This is one of the reasons that I take safety very serious and do not allow potential projectiles in my cars. I cannot stand it that companies can get a way with delivery of half work; in this case the delivery of my car with a extinguisher in a foot well that is a potential danger in accidents.
  5. matt wrote: > i bought a ford EDGE 2013 3 days back, when i switched ON the ac, the fan > is producing lound noises, when i stand outside the car. > The car is very silent when i switched OFF the AC. > > Also when i switched On the AC, hot air blowing under car .. > > Any one have similar issues?? > > thanks > > Matt Why is this a problem??? This is not a problem at all. I hope you noticed how unusual powerfull the AC is after start-up for such a big cabin, even in full sun. The fan in the engine is very powerfull and is critical in dissipating the heat away from condenser so you sit cooler inside, even when idling. That is why you feel the wind/hot air under the car. The fan is programmed to run at full speed when you idle, once you drive it slows, and eventually goes off... until you slow down, when it speeds up again.
  6. Chrome Clad is not a bad thing at all, and they are extremely durable. Chrome-clad has 2 major advantage over the old type chrome wheels: they do not leak air, and they do not corrode. A common issue with chrome wheels was that tire could not seal itself fully over the wheel due to chrome corrosion; you would need to pump up your tires frequently. Also traditional chrome wheels tend to corrode faster, especially when indulged with brake dust, or living near to the sea. Nearly all cars with a chrome wheel option, come these days with chrome clad. Be happy with it! I have chrome clad wheel many years now, and they still look like new.
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