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  1. Hi any please give me an advise, I do have Ford Mondeo 2010 bought it new, now I'am experiencing the problem its over heating the gauge at full swing up to the last meter, but when I'm moving it goes back to normal , when I goes Idle then gauge goes up again, plus delayed shifting - RPM goes 5000 before it change to second gear and goes normal when it was on the 3rd or 4th gear. I tried to do it manual (+/-) which shifting is OK ... I bring it to Ford they check it and suggest change the thermostat , Tube Pipe, Tube Pipe going to transition, Fan Assembly, Cooling Cap, etc .. spend there 3 weeks and cost me A LOT, I took the car after a week, again it the same problem , Exactly the same Issue, I bring back the car They said they have to check the Engine might have the Oil and water mixed...I'am not A Mechanic or Technical person terminology is totally not understandable..15K AED to fixed it again with the same issue.. How to I stand on this ?? anyone ..plsss
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