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  1. speedodude

    Some sort of bubbling..

    Better get it checked with mechanic than blowing money on guess work if you are not sure. My two cents. It could be very simple loose part under body that need to be tighten. Think....!
  2. speedodude

    feeling road more then i use to

    You can doubt and check the tire and suspension system only.
  3. speedodude

    D light is Blinking

    If no other problem, just ignore it. It must be some small connection inside display is loose or rattling around.
  4. speedodude

    coolant instead of water

    Sure drain the radiator from bolt below and refil, easy.
  5. speedodude


    Put ONE spoon of turmeric and drive for two days, see if it stops and fix the leak. its no joke, i have tried t two times in different car and it worked. But its not 100% guaranteed method. And dont try more than two times in same car and never put more than one teaspoon leveled.
  6. speedodude


    Check AC fan and main fan is woking? Check if radiator isnt too old, corroded and clogged from inside.
  7. speedodude

    window is stuck

    Open the inside door trim and see for yourself whats wrong like something stuck, motor working or not. Till time being you can also try to pull it up by hand as much as it comes.
  8. speedodude

    jerks on breaking

    get the brakes check just for fun and to be sure if its fine. But actually change the gear oil and filter as it is downshifting jerk more than likely.
  9. speedodude

    missing after timing belt change

    Let the same mechanic fix it, as it has too many things to doubt in over the process of fitting timing belt that even one small change in actual installation will have missing. First to doubt is timing belt itself, then rocker arm, lifter opening timing and so on. All inside engine.
  10. speedodude

    cabin air filter

    To replace the cabin filter on the 2007 Odyssey, the glovebox access is different than earlier years. To drop the glovebox, you must release the damper arm. This is accomplished by first removing the retainer cover/clip which slips over the end of the rod and post (pull/slide off the end of the rod). You must then remove the door stops (2) by prying inward on the tabs inside the glovebox. The glovebox will then lower to reveal the the filter housing. Push inward on the release tabs on either side of the housing and slide it out. When inserting the new filter into the filter rack, be sure to place the end pleats into the slots provided. This assures that all air will go through the filter.
  11. More likely its time to change crank sensor, i think its dying. Thats the first sign of it.
  12. speedodude

    transmission dip stick

    Its in engine bay lil behind engine on left side.
  13. speedodude

    car start up issue

    Check the battery first Then fuses and relay, spark plugs, there sparks, leads, and in last fuel pump.
  14. speedodude

    car died on me

    check spark plugs, wires, spark, fuses, relay and fuel pump (in end)
  15. speedodude

    my car dances in low speed

    hi my honda Jazz has an uneven motion on road which is especially noticeable at slow speed what could me the cause of it pls. advice