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  1. i have got my insurance renewed with them and they were very good with discount.
  2. summer time is here and its here to say so please please please take care of you car tires they can really go mad in this season.
  3. did you get the project started? If so how expensive is it here to rebuilt a car?
  4. Getting it checked with proper mechanic is your best bet, as choking could be an issue of fuel pump, spark plug, air flow meter sensor etc. Mechanic can check in person to feel what type of choking is it exactly.
  5. See if this helps: post538.html?hilit=mugen#p538
  6. 16 is good, 17 may some issue. You can get lenso wheels Ray wheels they are very nice and beautiful in shj tyre market after sahara mall same same road.
  7. Go to satwa or Deira Naif opp shingdaga tunnel and car accessories (especially iranian) fellows will show you many many options, whatever u like, Just CD, MP3, WMA, USB, IPOD, Nav no nav etc. Make sure you bargain good and cross compare few shops in line so that you dont end up paying more than what its worth for. As these guys ask too much in begining like 1000 dhs and end up giving it same with installation in 400 dhs.
  8. Have a look at the vacuum leak in the brake booster and also the Spark plugs let me know if this was it.
  9. each plug has it own coil keep in mind that there is no lead attached to it. first you have to remove the cover plats on the top of the cocker covers and unbolt and detach the plug to each coil withdraw the coil and the spark plug is then accessible to be removed.
  10. What do you want to ask is quite unclear. When you know oil seal is leaking, just get that fixed. You wont get your indicators bulb change?????? Saha.,
  11. That leak under timing belt could be normal oil leak and could be from engine head, engine chamber area or crank case (more likely). You cant tight timing belt as to read it you need full day of opening engine front portion. And tightening timing belt has nothing to do with leak. You need to trace the leak is from which place and get that gasket replaced. If its engine head gasket, you in for long and expensive surprise. Sorry bro.
  12. Take this message seriously as this means now there is no traction control module working on your car and in slippery surface when traction is compromised it will not be compensated by the TC system. Which means you can skid your car on water, loose gravel or high speed braking. Which is risky. Better get the computer diagnostic check and see which part of TC is not functioning.
  13. Changing all the bushes of suspension wouldnt cost you fortune. It shud be around max 300 dhs. If this mechanic is charging more than this, better get second opinion as for sure this mechanic is bullshitting and making stories too.
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