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  1. open bonnet its right in front you will see a slab like thing, 2 or maybe 3 clip like thing maybe holding it down so move it lightly and pull the filter off. change it the same way just reverse it.
  2. get the disc checked it may need some polishing
  3. Brake pad sensor ar always placed in brake pad with small electric wire.
  4. You dont need a pro for this work just use a fuel tank cleaner fluid available in a petrol station and follow the instructions on it.
  5. Engine mount damage is purely consumable concern. One got cracked or torn and that made other mount absorb lot of shock and torn too due to aging factor. Engine mount failure first cause is age, and second most imp reason is shumarker driving on every red light and picking up car with hard throttle ALWAYS. In your Honda Accord Check engine light is absolutely different issue, better get it computer diagnose and see the fault code.
  6. Assuming wheel balancing done PROFESSIONALLY, not from those iranian jokers in shj doing manual alignment with thread. check the axel alignment and get the steering rod stabilizer also checked.
  7. Grease could be leaking from CV joint (Constant Velocity Joint) or lower ball joint as namjo mentioned. Take it mechanic and have them check it closely under the car with proper light to find which part is leaking and why?
  8. SELF-DIAGNOSTIC FUNCTION The gauge assembly has a self-diagnosis function. • The beeper drive circuit check • The indicator drive circuit check • The LCD segments check • The gauges drive circuit check (Speedometer, Tachometer, Fuel gauge, Coolant temperature gauge) • The communication line check (the coolant temperature signal line between the gauge and ECM/PCM) ENTERING THE SELF-DIAGNOSIS FUNCTION Before doing the self-diagnosis function, check the No. 9 (10A) fuse in the under-hood fuse/relay box and No. 10 (7.5A) fuse in the under-dash fuse/relay box. 1. Push and hold the trip/reset button. 2. Turn the lighting switch ON. 3. Turn the ignition switch ON (II). 4. Within 5 sec, turn the lighting switch OFF, then ON and OFF again. 5. Within 5 sec, release the trip/reset button, then push and release the button four times repeatedly. NOTE: • While in the self-diagnosis mode, the dash lights brightness controller operates normally. • While in the self-diagnosis mode, the trip/reset button is used to start the beeper drive circuit check and the gauge drive circuit check. • If the vehicle speed exceeds 1.2 mph (2 km/h) or the ignition switch is turned OFF, the self-diagnosis mode ends. THE BEEPER DRIVE CIRCUIT CHECK When entering the self-diagnosis mode, the beeper sounds five times. THE INDICATOR DRIVE CIRCUIT CHECK When entering the self-diagnosis mode, the following indicators blink. Seat belt indicator, Door/trunk indicator, Brake system light, Low fuel indicator, Maintenance required indicator (USA), Washer fluid level indicator light (Canada), Oil pressure light and, A/T gear position indicator (except P, R, N). THE LCD SEGMENT CHECK When entering the self-diagnosis mode, the odo/trip segment blinks five times. THE GAUGE DRIVE CIRCUIT CHECK When entering the self-diagnosis mode, the speedometer and the tachometer, the fuel gauge, and the coolant temperature gauge needles sweep from the minimum position to maximum position, then return to the minimum position. NOTE: After the beeper stops sounding and the gauge needles return to the minimum position, pushing the trip/reset button starts the beeper drive circuit check (one beep), and the gauge drive circuit check again. The check cannot be started until the needles return to the minimum position. If the gauge needles fail to sweep, replace the gauge assembly. THE COMMUNICATION LINE CHECK In the self-diagnosis mode, after the odo/trip LCD segments check, the self-diagnosis starts the communication line check. If all segments come on, the communication line is OK. If the word "Error" is indicated, there is a malfunction in the communication line between the gauge assembly, the multiplex control unit, and the ECM/PCM. ENDING THE SELF-DIAGNOSIS FUNCTION Turn the ignition switch OFF. NOTE: If the vehicle speed exceeds 1.2 mph (2 km/h), the self-diagnosis function ends. If any of the checks do not function as specified, replace the gauge assembly.
  9. You cant confirm my friend. It dies suddenly. If expecting start up hesitation, check starter relay or better change the relay as may be it is possible that start relay is bad or getting bad and works intermittently.
  10. Go for fully synthetic for newer engine. Castrol, Mobil 1, Valvoline is good brands. Pick any.
  11. Being 8 year old vehicle i expect it as a due time to change it. Suspension has no othr issue than squeaking and when this start means its tme to chnage.
  12. the water pump of my windscreen has stopped working. how do i check for clog's please help
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