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  1. Please give some tips on replacing the crankshaft bearing. My LR2 needs the replacement and thinkign to do it on my own?
  2. You can go to Naif market, Musalla Street. There are lot of auto accesories ships there. You will definetely find a good one over there, that too in a reasonable price.
  3. There was a small hole in the exhuast. I took it to the dealer, and they fixed itusing a sealer. They said its not a big hole, so sealer will work though it.
  4. If you want to do complete brake job, follow the following things in order: First you need to do is brake inspection. You can start with ABS warning light. Turn the ignition, and heck if there is ABS light on the dash. If no, you are good to go, but if yes, then to need to inspect the complete brake system and anti-brake system as well. Brake pedal: Now sit I the car and press the brake pedal. Try to feel the pdeal and how it goes. Do you think it’s normal or is it soft? If it is soft, then it means there is some air in the lines or maybe there is some kind of leak. Parking brakes: Now go for parking brakes. Apply that. Is it perfectly normal or do you feel mis adjustment in pulling the handle. Also check for the brake light on the dash as well. Brake Fluid: Now inspect the brake fluid level in the car by opening the hood. Also check if the fluid is transparent or do you see any impurity in the fluid. If there is any impurity, you need to change the fluid. If the level is low, put more fluid in the hood. Brake pads: Now, go to the brake pads. First of all, check the thickness of the brake pads. If you think it’s wearing out or if you noticed any squealing noise in the brake pads, it means its time to replace it. Rotors: After changing the brake pads, check the rotors. If you notice any deep grooving or scratches in the rotors, it means the rotors need resurfacing. Brake hardware: When you are replacing brake pads/ brake drums, have a quick look on the brake hardware as well which includes return springs. After doing this, check for leaks as well; if there is any leak in the brake lining. At last, all you need to do is bleeding brakes. That helps in removing any kind of contamination in the brake lining. And this is how to do the complete brake job.
  5. How can we use infrared thermometer to check the temperature in thermostat?
  6. Tire rotation is really important to avoid frequent wear and tear of a car. Also, tire rotation helps in regular aligning of your car as well. When to rotate the tires? Generally, it is specified by the dealer when to rotate the tires of your car. In common, the tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles of your car. The reason why we do the rotation of tires is to improve the performance the tires and the tires lives. How to rotate the tires? Basically, there is a particular pattern involved in rotating the ties of your car. First you need to loose all the lug nuts on the wheel. Remove the tires slowly from the tire. Now keep your tires at the ground level in the same order of their position. It mean right front tire should be at right front direction. The same goes to left front tire, right rear tire and left rear tire. I have attached a picture with the post, to show the tire rotation pattern. If your car is Front wheel drive, then then Left Front (LF) will go to Left rear, RF will rotate to RR, LR will go to RF and RR goes to LF. For rear wheel drive, LR will go to LF, RR will to RF, LF will go to RR and RF will go to LR. Also, just remember your tire rotation because you need to rotate your ties in the same exact manner you is doing it now. You cannot change the pattern afterwards. And always, consult your dealer and the car manual stating which pattern is best suited for your car. If you are doing the tire rotation on your own, its better if you have a helper in order to be specific of the tires and their patterns.
  7. No use. I gave my car for repainting already. And gues what, its mattfinish now!
  8. The most troublesome thing at nigt is humidity. You always have to clean your window everytime. That irritates sometimes.
  9. What do you mean by Drivingtrains in a car system?
  10. Hey people. We all are aware of the chemicals taht are used in the car syste to keep the car running. But I want to know what chemicals actually harm the cars and are reallyt oxic but still some people prefer those chemicals to be the part of the car.
  11. Good point. Well brake stiffness is caused also when there is excess air in the hydraulic system which results in pulling the brakes to be too tight. In addition, if there is fluid leak or hose leak in system, that also leads to brake stiffness.
  12. Actually rotors help in providing smooth drive by regular transfer of the friction from the brake pads. If there is deep grove on the rotor, it means you need to replaced it or turn it, otherwise the ride will be very dangerous as you may experience bumpy ride.
  13. I am sorry Rateeb to inform you but once you get anything changed from outside and not your dealer, the warranty gets expired. If you want to get the camshaft replaced, i am afraid but the dealer will ask you to pay for it. I suppoe its better for you if you get it replaced from outside only, as it will cheaper fromy ou from gettig it replaced by the dealer.
  14. Thats really sad ictor and really unexpected. Lexus is one of the most famous brand in luxury segment. I think they should thing about the customer complaints seriously otherwise they may loose their prestigious customers. I know a friend who is also annoyed with the after sales service of the Lexus. They never respond properly.
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