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  1. Dear All, Here is our Plan. The drive is approximately 200 Kms (in total) Schedule Date - 1st November 2013 Timings 2.30 PM - 3.00 PM - Meeting up at Eppco Petrol Pump near International City Entrance 3.05 PM - Starting towards Hatta (There is an Oman border crossing in between. The petrol is much cheaper in oman, so you can fill up your tanks if you wish to. There is a couple of gas stations on the way. Keep your emirates ID or Passport handy) 4.30 PM - ETA at Hatta Water Reservoir. You can have some good snaps there. It is a very beautiful place surrounded by mountains and a Dam in the middle. 5.15 PM - Starting towards Hatta Hill Park (3.3 Kms from the Dam) 5.30 PM to 7.00 PM - BBQ and other activities. We will buy the stuff required for BBQ and will share the cost. (Less than AED 50) 7.30 PM - Starting Back to Dubai. 9.00 PM - ETA in Dubai * People coming from Abudhabi can drive directly from Hatta at 7.30 PM Please Let us know if you have any other suggestions. Contact: Renjith (050 4443620, 055 9166813) and Ali (050 4857353).
  2. Alibhai..we will have to finalize the destination this week.. I am on a short holiday in sri lanka now..will be back after a day and then we will talk...
  3. Thanks saif.. I will definitely drive down there to have a look...
  4. I know its available in eBay.. question is who will fix it for me in Dubai.. I tried to contact a few mechanics .. they have no idea about it..
  5. Do anyone have any idea of the above?? got a flash last week too.. damn!!
  6. Thank you Gaurav bhai... for the email circulation...
  7. Do anyone have any idea of fitting an aftermarket cruise control kit to Cerato 2012 model? I badly need one and have found a few recommentations online.. 1. Buy an aftermarket cruise control kit and fix it with a technician's help 2. Get a cruise control fitted steering wheel and its just plug and play Can anyone give some light on the above? i am fed up with the speed cameras i get every week
  8. Thanks Sahid. The dates are quite far as we have big eid holidays and gitex coming in between. We would love to see you in the trip.
  9. With great pleasure and excitement, we are announcing the planning of 2nd Kia Fun Drive Meet. Date: 1st Nov 2013. The locations proposed are i) Kalba ii) Hatta iii) Fujeirah iv) Al Ain v) Abudabi Please vote for one of the locations with your name and the most voted destination will be selected. Here you Go!!
  10. Yeah. . Will post the trip details by next week. .
  11. Well musthu, as far as i know there is only one hatta and two ways. . One through Oman border (which will save some distance) and one through UAE
  12. Ali bhai, as agreed, on Thursday between 8.30 and 9.00 PM, i will c you in Mamzar near Slip Way
  13. ali bhai.. i dint have your contact number to call you as i reached dubai at around 12 midnight.however i was expecting a call from you.. . can you drop me your mobile number in a PM so that this time we wont miss it.. i would prefer between 8.30 and 10 PM at the same location as i will reach Dubai only around that time.. thanks ren
  14. Well, I got rid of BlackBerry long back. .
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