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  1. Well i have seen some fd's on 20in..i guess it has to be the right offset and width of rims plus a very thin tires like 35-40 series...
  2. Well you go to the shop of mr. Ali at sharjah..lots of choices there as well..kabayan?pm me ur contact details if you want more info
  3. It is 2nd hand bought from a hcp member..its work emotion Cr Kai 17in..
  4. You sir have True Honda Blood! Cool!
  5. @halt: yes that also is what i'm looking for...plus lowering springs and red H logos and that's it for me any more projects for your car in the future?
  6. basking in the sun with my new shoes
  7. ok sir tnx..do u mind if u can tell me how much and where in shj?maybe we can meet wid other honda frends for a small get together..
  8. wow that's nice ..how much do you think i can get it?
  9. Nice clean FD2 you have there sir don Where did you get your rims? you might know somebody selling theirs...
  10. Yes it is a good idea just to get it from the manufacturers... I'll be looking into it..thanks again for the input!
  11. HI Civic peeps! anyone here know how to disable or minimize the volume of the 120 km/h warning sound of our civic fd? it is really annoying
  12. well not yet..do you have any suggestions sir dollabill?
  13. I also posted in honda club philippines-uae chapter but no offers yet.. well I guess i'll just have to wait more..I do not have budget for a new set and hope someone/somewhere out there would be a good offer..
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