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  1. Hi Everyone, I am owner of HOnda city idsi 2008 model, 1.3 liter engine, it was diagnosed and suspectedly with CDI problem. Does anyone know where i can get this part, i prefer not original, because its too expensive for me to buy original which worth 500 aed each x 8 + labor cost. TIA
  2. Hi All, I just wanna share some inputs regarding about the driving habits with good benefits to your car, this is not a safety driving tips on the road... Note: i am not a professional in automotive, but i know about cars, parts, and maintenance... I had 3 cars in my country, and I have Honda city here. First start in the morning: - After starting your engine, don't run instantly, just wait for 2-5 mins. leaving your car idle, or wait until the green oil gauge sign turned-off,because the oil went down for the whole night....so let the oil pass through where it needs to go....before giving load to your engine..... especially for car using the timing chain and the cylinder heads....soon you will be having a problem like engaging of metals sound in your engine, and also your piston ring will be worn out easily....so your engine will lose power and compression. Passing into Humps - I've noticed many drivers didn't stop or slow down when they are passing into humps, especially for small humps...or even big humps... it will give more problems to your car in future if you are doing that all the time....it will give more on underchasis problems, like suspension, shock absorber, upper and lower ball joints, outer and inner tierods, steering column and stabilizer...etc....so better to slow down and pass onto humps smoothly Instant Speed for matic cars - If you are driving automatic car, don't step on the gas pedal until the floor just to push your car instantly from 0-100.... you are just wasting some gas as it will not burn properly by the combustion system and you will not also get the speed you want because it is automatic gear unlike manual,....then you are also giving more stress to your engine which can cause easily wear of some engine parts...especially for those car with small engine size like 1.3-1.6... better to give normal gas step at the beginning, then wait until you get the speed and then you can now give more gas in the highest gear, all gas you are throwing in this gear position will be used.... don't over rev. your car just to push it instantly.... it may cause also the overheat . you can correct me if I have stated wrong...and please anyone can add information with this topic...i will add more soon... Thank you for reading Drive safely!
  3. you hear the sound when the car is running and when you do the turning? all the answers above are correct for the possible caused of that noise, and it could be also coming from the wheel bearing, cv joints and inner tierods, these things are connected and functioning when you do steering
  4. also it happens for uneven brake pads in front, maybe the left pad is ticker than the right, so when you brake it goes to left...
  5. fuel filter or fuel screen comes along with the fuel pump, with is located inside the fuel tank.
  6. stefen...from the start or turning on the key without turning on the engine..., does the temp gauge indicating hot? if that so, yes its caused by faulty gauge, even you already replaced the sensor.... if its coming hot after few mins. you started the engine then it might be the engine cooling system...and your gauge is right.
  7. also check the shock absorber,...
  8. mufftak is correct... and also if you are planning to buy brand new or 2 years old used car, you won't be having an expensive maintenance, you will just need a PMS (Preventive maintenance service),
  9. why do you need to change the cylinder? or what exactly you want to do with the cylinder? rebore? oversize? was your car went to overheat? ....
  10. the problem might be the fuel meter sensor...which located inside the fuel tank, or the cable going to your dashboard fuel gauge... i experienced this problem before with my hyundai elantra, and its called fuel floater, and i had it changed.
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