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  1. Today morning my car took three attempt to start and I think battery is dying now. Do you guys have any recommendation for specific brand of car battery in UAE. I checked with few guys in my office and all of them mentioned different brands: AC Delco, Solite, Amaron, Trane, Incoe.
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    Daihatsu Rav4

    people put any stepni cover they get for free sometime
  3. adil

    2 new Jimny concepts

    Very nice design implementation, ofcourse it looks replica of bigger version but that is what make them cute like a toy car on the shelves.
  4. Japanese are the best car makers who install less feature but all long time working feature and not going tom fail after 2 year in sun
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    Fuel delivery is not a new concept. Adnoc already tried few times this year and still service not laucnged means something somwewhere not kikcing up so they switch to 10 dhs premium service for fill up
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    How is Oman Insurance?

    Has anyone used oman insurance here in uae and appreciate any good or bad or ugly reviews about them, two of my friend has mixed review and im highly confused now.
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    Autonomous Car Parking in Dubai

    Who and where they will bring the key after parking or shall I wait for them to do circles
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    Congrats Barry for 1000+ likes

    Congratulation Barry bhai, for giant likes
  10. I like to know why german car paints are so superior than japanes, korean and even american cars? what special paint or special painting technique these german guys used and how we can replicate the same effect here in uae? and how expensive will be
  11. So what stop other car brand dipping the car to deliver good results, as over last few years im noticing that japanese cars are loosing the paint quality and that shows crying like feel in 3-4 year old car, than german car after 5-06 years they shine like crazy. I park my car next to porsche everyday which is older than my accord but it looks like my car is older than his car
  12. Sorry for late reply as i was sick and this conv went total in wroing direction. I meant for zero km, showroom car of german brand vs japanes, korean and US is different by far. The shine, depth, crispyness and solid premium feel in german cars is unbeatable. In japanes cars now you can see even the swirvls in brand new car and paint lines in circles is so obvious in bright sun.
  13. This is not fair as I am the winner because 2 likes promised on the thread of @DiamondDallas and @Mridula forgot to hit the like button, should be factored in if you treat this contest fairly.
  14. Im driving this car since 3 years now and I have saved quite a lot of money for long time to upograde my civic to 2 door accord - my dream car. Although it might not sound very fancy to the luxurious segment car owner but i belive for the common mass this is a top end car we can afford and having a coup is an added luxury. Price: 130,000 AED (when new in 2014) Bought for: 105,000 AED (In 2015) Pros - Awesome styling from wheels to the body - Great on road presence among its league - Very reliable and capable car overall - Responsive handling and comfortable ride - Top notch safety ratings and awesome cabin - 4.7 rating out of 279 reviews Cons - Back seat not good for 6 feet size adult - Honda parts are little expensive than others - Starter failure - known problem - Comes with pathetic tires, so change is needed - Lane watch should be on both sides - 3.5 is thirsty in city but on highway with ECON mode is very nice and reasonale Specifications Engine & Power Engine Capacity (liters) 3.5 Cylinders V6 Drive Type Front Wheel Fuel Tank Capacity (liters) 65 Fuel Economy (L/100 Km) 8.8 Fuel Type Petrol Horsepower (bhp) 276 hp Torque (Nm) 339 Transmission Automatic Top Speed (Km/h) 212 Seating Capacity 5 Seater Acceleration 0-100 Km/h 7.3 Sec Measurements Length (meters) 4.890 Width (meters) 1.850 Height (meters) 1.465 Wheelbase (meters) 2.775 Trunk Capacity (liters) 447 Although Honda Accord is a top choice for families, but many opting for serious upgrade from current entry level sedan chooses the Accord. It's 2 door coupe is among the most sportier option available from Honda with a very capable and responsive engine. I have never felt short of power when I really need to push this car for limits from zero stand still. For the great styling and road presence i can confidently say that it is the best looking japanese car in town. I hear that earlier than 2012 model gear was an issue, but this model so far has no issues on the cvt gearing and runs and drive perfect. I have completed almost 60,000 kms on this car and have not regretted this buy even for one day or one hour, it is the best thing I have done so far as im in love with this car, reliability, looks, performance, handling, boot space, fuel economy. ECO mode is good for highway to get good fuel mileage, if you use that in city car is less responsive and in case you hit throttle hard then car will jitter a bit to switch of econ and comes back to original 3.5 liter response. The electronic adjustments could be more user friendly. I'm not an electronics person and don't care otherwise, but the system can be quirky. Mechanically, no complaints so far, haven't been in for anything more than routine maintenance and a recall regarding the battery sensor. I will highly advise changing out the factory tires as soon as you can because you'll be replacing them by 30,000 kms anyway. Car is perfectly roomy for 5 adults...plenty of leg room in the rear seating. Trunk is roomy, but entry could be wider. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this vehicle to friends and family, and Hondas in general. Can't go wrong! Two of the best video reviews I searched to add more value for next buyer.
  15. Thanks Please like it fasssst
  16. Please please please @DiamondDallas kindly like my review and help me win VERY BIG THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE WHO LIKED MY REVIEW. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
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    Fuel quality in UAE

    very nice point Frederic, everything moves when they load the storage
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    That's a lot of Land rover knowledge here and experience, thanks for sharing im always thinking otherwise (negatives)
  19. adil

    What brings you to Carnity?

    Nicely said desertdude
  20. LC and donut is bound for big hole for ice cream inside trhe donut
  21. Move on the right side if free and pass quietly as road rage is very dangerous here at high speed
  22. any clue guys how often engine flush is actually required, service center says every service, some says 20, other 40. im really lost
  23. Some very good point made by desertdude for defination of offroading of different countries means very different than us here where sand is everywhere, I have also done offroading with my Honda accord on roadside and then deflate to come out, lol.