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  1. Thanks dude. For explaining. I was looking for a posts about oil viscosity only. I think I got my answer. Thanks man. This forum really helps a lot.
  2. The power window in my car is not working. There is no sound, no noise, nothing. It’s dead. Why it is so?
  3. Well I would say it depends from person to person. See I can tell you the pros and cons of both in Dubai. Talking about the Manual transmission cars: Well the people who love cars and have good knowledge about the mechanism of cars generally likes manual car. And the reason is very simple: It’s really smooth to drive. I mean your full concentration is always on the road as you need to change the gears with speed. I personally love manual transmission cars especially when it comes to racing. The disadvantage of having manual car in Dubai is the increasing traffic. Sometimes it’s really difficult to drive a manual car as you need to jerk brakes because of the traffic. The clutch disc worns out easily because of the rapid jerks and your car suffers at the end. I have driven manual cars here, but trust me every time the clutch disc had to be replaced. On the other hand, the automatic transmission is easy to drive. Since there is no clutch to handle, people find it easy and convenient to drive in this traffic. Who won’t? Female drivers especially are more convenient in automatic transmission driving. But the disadvantage of having an automatic car is the distraction from the road. Since the mechanism of automatic cars works on torque, people generally don’t concentrate on the road. I know many people who just engage themselves in their mobiles on the traffic light and they bang their cars in the front vehicle. Even if you talk about the license in Dubai, both the cars have different criteria of learning. And 90% of people in UAE prefer automatic cars on manual cars. There is hardly a choice left, because of the increasing traffic. You cannot afford spending money on manual cars here.
  4. How to check for the fuel filters, if they are working fine or not
  5. hey everyone. Qyick question. how to fix the unever rotor surface in Honda odyssey?
  6. Hey peeps. Can I replace the turn signal bulb on my own?
  7. The Bluetooth connectivity in my car is really poor. I Have Honda element from 2 years. Whenever I am driving; the noise from outside makes it really impossible to hear on Bluetooth even when the window is shut. I gave my car before to the dealer and they returned it back stating that there is no issue. Can anyone help me with this annoying problem?
  8. What does it mean by Rust in Engine? Is it any kind of issue in the car?
  9. Recently I read about the trouble codes that one faces in a car. But can anyone tell me how to scan such codes? Do we really need an expert to understand the codes, or is it possible to do so on our own?
  10. Hey people. I want to share my experience with hyundai dealers. I bought hyundai i30 2010 model. It was working fine when suddenly the suspension failed to respond. I took my car to the dealer and they were unable to scan the issue in the car. I mentioned to them that the warranty of my car is gonna expire soon. They did not respond properly during the whole time of the warranty. They claim now to pay for the servicing of suspension as they fixed it after the expiry of the warranty. This was disgusting. I really dont know what to do.
  11. I am not happy with the customer service of honda dealers. These days the battery of my honda city, 2010 model rapidly drains away. Its really annoying as many times the car breaks down suddenly because of battery drainage. I went to the dealer and nobody attended me properly. One guy assured me that my car will be good to go in a week. Its been 2 weeks now, they did nothing with my car and they are ignoring my calls on top of it. Its really sad to see how these people are treating us. Really disappointed.
  12. My friend is driving Q5 from an year now. Recently there was an incident because of which he lost that trust from them. He was driving with his family on highway. And suddenly he lost the control from his car and he banged to a tree. In such a case, the airbags always pop out to ensure complete safety of the driver and other passengers. But shockingly, no airbag popped out at such an incident. Everyone was safe though, it was an unexpected disappointment that they faced. My friend wrote an official email to them regarding the same. But no answer. He is really disappointed by such an incident and slowly i am loosing that trust as well. It was god's will that nothing happened.
  13. Is Q45 reliable car. I mean, my wife wants to buy this car as she really loves it. I am not sure about the maintenance cost of this particular model and if it is reliable enough for a lady to drive it. I dont want her to struggle with the maintenance costing of the car, so i need honest opinions. Please share your experiences. Thanks!
  14. Is it possible to change the fuse myself or do I really need technician for the same?
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