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  1. Got to know from motor authority that Jeep is now preparing to unveil two new special edition SUVs at this week’s Los Angeles Auto Show based on its Grand Cherokee and Wrangler models. I caught their picture just to identify weather these can be available under GCC review or not?? Help guys!! I am planning to be a part of off-road community soon. For that I will need one off-road vehicle and no doubt the special edition of 2016 Jeep Wrangler Backcountry is the best to buy. Always welcome any other suggestion that this car?
  2. I love this rocking concept of jeep not only because 2016 wrangler always comes up with standard antilock brakes, traction and stability control and front airbags. But now its coming with parking safety feature as well!!
  3. I am always impresses with Jeep annual barrage of concept vehicles designed for Easter Jeep Safari. This year, it's really outdone itself. All new long-rumored pickup truck: #Gladiator
  4. While checking for my new ride for offroad and dune bashing I found this 2016 Jeep Wrangler it looks like virtually identical to the current model but a after a closer inspection i found that it is a couple of inches longer as there's an extended cowl as well as longer front fenders. While engine options remain unconfirmed but some are hinting at the possibility of a smaller displacement aluminium turbocharged engine for Jeep wrangler to increase the fuel efficiency and power. Is that really true?
  5. Is this security threat still exists in 2015 Cherokee, or Jeep has addressed this issue in newer models.....?
  6. it is an interesting post and usual that no one really hampered any ego's just clean and fun information exchanged. very helpful to me.
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