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  1. Hey, I am mike!! I have a Honda HRV, 2002 model. I have a few problems, if anybody could help. 1. During the cold seasons, when I start my car in the mornings and change into the reverse or drive gear, the car doesn't move like how it does for an automatic vehicle generally. Its as if the gears are not engaging. So what I then do is accelerate, it doesn't move for about 2 seconds and then suddenly gives a jerk and then starts moving. This happens only in the mornings of the cold season and not once the car is heated.
  2. Thank you very much!! Will get it checked accordingly:)
  3. Hi there... My instrument cluster is not functioning(Peugeot 406,1998)...ie. the speedometer etc does not work.. kindly let me know where i can get the spares and how much would it cost if you do know... thank you
  4. Hi.. If I switch on the car without pressing the accelerator, the car remains on... the moment i hit the accelerator and leave it, the car shuts off, this happens in stationary position. While moving, suppose i need to break at a hump or a signal as the speed decreases to reach almost the minimum, the car shuts off... I have heard this has got something to with the throttle pump.... Does anybody have any clue as to why this happens,, is it an electrical problem or something else??...
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