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  1. Well somewhere i agree with you. The Kia Optima has a very common problem in the engine. My friend has his own workshop and he has advised me many times not to buy Kia Optima as the engine fails really easy. I think its better for you to sell this car.
  2. Now when you asked this question, it gave me a confidence that my car also came without a spare tire. Regarding the same. I have mailed the Kia dealer so many times, but no reply. This is really not good. Thats really silly selling a car without a spare tire.
  3. Hey Peeps. I bought used Kia Optima 2 years back, 2006 model. First few months the car was perfect, suddenly the engine fails because of some or the other problem. Recently, the oil is the engine was burned and the radiator was completely damaged. And trust me! I am hearing engine issues from other people as well for the same model. I am having second thoughts about this car. Thinking to sell it. But still wanna know if there is any permanent solution of this problem as this was my first car and really spent lot of money om it.
  4. Hey Guys. I have a quick question for Kia Soul owners. Is Kia soul coming without a spare tire? Actually two of my friends have Kia soul, and both didn't get the spare tire in the car. Is it really true? And if yes, then Kia is not taking care of their customers well.
  5. Absolutely. I remember when one time when i bought a used battery from a workshop labor. He told me that the battery is hardly used and is perfect for my car. Few first days, it was working fine. But then it was completely dead as the coils inside was completely broken and the battery was caught in corrosion. So be aware of buying any used auto part.
  6. Actually it depends on what you are buying. Some auto parts like used radiator is never a good choice to go for. But sometimes buying a used battery can be OK. But make sure that whatever you buy, what is the manufacturing and expected expiry of the parts mentioned. It is really necessary to ask questions when you are thinking to buy a used auto part.
  7. Hey guys. I had a curious question in my mind. Is it really safe to buy a used auto parts for your car.
  8. The midsize Kia optima, 2014 model i think is really good. The features and modifications in the car in the car is to the next level thus justifying the excellence attributes. I really like the look, shape and color availability of this car.
  9. I have Kia optima from 3 years. I dont like my car much as I have spent a lot of money in the maintenance till now. There was coolant leak once in the car because of which i had to change the radiator and hoses in the car. That was an unexpected and heavy expense for me. So i am not really sure about this car now.
  10. I own Kia Rio from 2 years now. When actually bought the car i was really confused as it was recommended by a friend but i personally didn't know anything about the car. After buying, i had no complaints about the car. Also, my family loves this car and this is what all matters to me. So ya, i like this car as it was perfectly suited to my family.
  11. which one do you think do justice to the sedan segment in Kia brand and why?
  12. Hey peeps. Please discuss which Kia you own and your reviews about your car. Best or worst. Both are welcome under this topic.
  13. Don’t forget the car tyres. After 100,000 miles, the car tyres are bound to wear and tear. Before the car starts wobbling, just get your tyres scanned every time you go to the service centre.
  14. Good points covered. I would also like to add the cooling system maintenance as well. Sometimes driver experience overheated engine while driving. This happens because of the leaking of the coolant from the reservoir. And if any of the parts in the engine get damaged, it is not fixable and thus you will end up paying for the replacement which is cost you good money. So to avoid that, keep your cooling system in the car maintained.
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