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  1. 1st quarter - 120 kms - because they overfill the tank at the station 2nd quarter - 80 kms - normal 3rd quarter - 60 kms - so that you rush to the station to refill it 4th quarter - 100 kms - in case you missed 3rd quarter and keep ignoring, you have some fuel reserves so that you are not stranded without fuel.
  2. Hi Adil I use my Jeep only for offroading (seriously). I think it is being over-looked. Overheating is easily fixable. Just trying to help fellows, I spent lots of money and time getting the experience, so I thought why not sharing after all, it is a car enthusiasts forums Cheers
  3. Hey guys I am building my truck (ZJ 1998) since 3 years now, I learned many things about it and daily I'm reading specialty forums. If you have any questions regarding this car (or Cherokee XJ, they are same) put them here, I will try to help. Cheers!
  4. It's the same, or similar. Much higher PSI's. A compression tester is around 700 AED. Your car seems to be imported, could be anything.
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