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  1. Wish to see many members doing report and cost of ownership like yours. Good work of patience and dedication.
  2. You remove the wheel and wheel assembly and reach and remove the knuckle assembly to remove the hub and baring to replace the bearing.
  3. See the number 6 point below, its right in front.
  4. Tires may not be balanced, get the wheel balancing done.
  5. Next in line to doubt is fuel filter, then fuel pump
  6. You can use any R134 freon gas. Make sure its not made in China, as cheap gas can spoil your compressor life. Made in US, brazil and mexico are good ones.
  7. Try in various hypermarket like Carrefour, Hyper Panda, Spinneys etc. I have seen many car die cast model on display.
  8. Should be change around 40k km, if you travel to saudi change it immediately and to oman + 20k km. Dubai fuel is cleaner than oman and saudi's have worst fuel.
  9. Spark plug cables are known as HT leads and they are due for change every 40k km. Its not big job but replace with original ones only.
  10. Check the battery fuse must not be blown, its main heavy AMP fuse.
  11. While installing alternator mechanic must have fiddle with antenna cable. Ask that dick of mechanic to fix it.
  12. may be its key fob is bad and not transmitting regular signals.
  13. You shud change the PSF after 40k km, or top up if steering is hard.
  14. Total is very good, using it since 4 years and my both cars are very happy with it.
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