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  1. Get wheel balancing done again from reputed place, or go to same guys and ask them to do it again and this time you shud stand on there head and make sure you see that tyre both reading of left and right side as FULL ZERO ZERO. Even if it has 5 and 0 dont accept and ask them to balance it fully. many lazy tyre guys do this if you dont stand on their head.
  2. Can you talk in english...........As in Dubai we dont talk this language much. lolololol.
  3. gear solenoid may be faulty, get it check and see.
  4. I its same size as main tyre and in good drivable condition as per tread and age left, its absolutely safe.
  5. Its time to get new brake pads suryaa.
  6. If car is good and get pass tasjeel test w/o any vasta (influence) buy it. Make sure u intentionally show welding mark to passing guy and ask him to check if its same and also request him to mention this welded part in remark area in test report which you can keep it for next renewal. As one of my car failed after 3 years of passing coz of welding in chasis as per standard and then last year report helped me out.
  7. It is practically impossible to happen, as these in dash cluster store these reading very firmly. Some short circuit must have caused this while changing the battery. I have never seen or heard one like this before. If odometer still shows zero and when u are driving a lot now that means cluster is gone, need new one. If its putting new reading from zero again, dont change and drive car more and sell as low km car
  8. Check for spark plugs if any need change Add some injector cleaner from emarat in half tank and drive at 120 for 1 hrs, to remove any carbon or dirt in injectors. Check Crank position sensor if its faulty car drinks lot of fuel, and also have some starting problems too.
  9. Your car head gasket is gone, these both symptoms straight away point to blown up head gasket. Its a big job. Check your engine oil is shud have little traces of water mix in oil and have milky feel and smudgy feel engine oil than the usual color of engine oil. If it is then its 100% head gasket gone. It might take 2 -3 days work and will cost i guess 2k - 3k aed outside and with dealer around 4k.
  10. local electrician telling wiring and hazard switch is fine after checking today for 1 hr. Should i still change the hazard switch, as i also doubt him as switch is completely packed and sealed and there is no way to see inside if something is loose or hanging. As of now after refixing the switch its working fine. If it happen again i think i shud change to new one. Thanks guys.
  11. Its very weird, just to be double sure get AC gas once again topped up from decent garage not road side iranian guys. And ask them to flush out the old gas completely and then refill the new gas. Please post here if still problem persists, i can ask my AC tech in shj.
  12. Sometime when i drive indicator doesnt work on left and right but lever moves fine. If i press hazard and switch off after that Indicator get life back. Whats this, crazy electricry.
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