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  1. Me too got the flash but no fine yet. Thank god.
  2. Thanks all for your help and valuable advices, I will not get carried away with uneducated people advise anymore of changing engine.
  3. My car is Hyundai Tucson 2010 model, bought in 11 and have mileage of 110K, In last six month spend too much money with engine lights, then doing some detail service when it fail to start, then rattling in parking cause another money. All seems like one after the other and car never become 100% normal after that.
  4. My car engine going through troubles more than often lately, and one of my friend advise it's better to change the engine. My car is about 5-6 years old and I am wondering if its right age to change the engine or not. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey fellas, I am so curious to know that what is the secret of extra shining cars? Is it some special paint it has, special shining stuff it has or special polish on it. I have seen one brand new audi car in my office that has so great shine that it shouts from miles away, especially the Audi Q3 in dark brown color I see almost daily with so great shine, that I am so curious to knoiw its secret. I got my car polished too few weeks back and it came out shining from before but that shine was not even quarter of that Audi Q3 shine.
  6. I want driver chair should move sideways and backwards completely, so that I don't have to get down to reach the passenger seats.
  7. victoria


    Saaed Accident Report I went to Abu dhabi and made a minor ding dang accident. I called police and www.saaed.ae car came in and made me guilty although I was not fully convinced, but accepted it as I was running late for the meeting. Coming back now I realize that how do I claim the insurance now, as here in Dubai we have to have a traffic police green/red paper for insurance approval, which is missing in my case and I only have Saaed Accident Report. Do I have to go back to Abu Dhabi and seek Saaed or Abu Dhabi police for red paper for my insurance? Please help. Thanks in advance.
  8. I dont think everyone knows this at all. I did not knew this and it came to me as a shock to me, although I don't use dubizzle much but for car now I will keep it as a last option whenever I will change my car. Thanks for sharing your experience and finding, it will really help a lot of innocent car users.
  9. This definitely looks so sexy and mean that I want it here.......! As a girl, I don't know about numbers above but this looks awesome and sexy.
  10. Wow guys you know so much and do so much shopping analysis here. Good read and I think I got bit of it for my next service.....
  11. What an awesome video and hyper action cars shown in the festival. Love to see Humve on top of two cars. lol. How come I never heard of this event in advance....?
  12. This is now happened for second time yesterday in one month, that car failed to start. When we jump start car get started. In two weeks back issue car interior lights was getting on but not starting. In yesterday incident car interior light and door ting ping also not working, completely dead. When I jump start the car and drive for an hour and leave, car works perfectly fine and start also fine next day. Is the car battery getting old or something is draining the battery out in long stop for over 3-4 days. In both instances this was common that I started the car after 3-4 and 5-7 days gap. Please help.
  13. Wow, so they actually closed the full SZR....! Wish I was there in service lane to witness this epic stunt on Dubai's most busiest road.
  14. Is there any procedure to raise a dispute with Dubai Police over a wrong fine. I got radar fine for Al khail road for 140+ kmph and I hardly go to that road and never driven my car above 100/110 km/h in my life. This seems some confusion or wrong click of my car instead of some near by car.
  15. I have been thinking of selling my car and trying to find a right price and unfortunately no website gives the clear price here in uae. Is there any website or formula I can use to find the estimated best price for my car? Prices on buying cars website offers such low value that I can never able to sell this car as I want to use this money for upgrading my next car. Prices of classifieds site is having a huge difference from the lowest asker to the highest asker.
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