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  1. Amazingly beautiful design from Hyundai. Very good choice Dan. Thanks for sharing the pics and wish you good drive all way long. Cheers.
  2. I believe its only because you have paid them in advance and they can toggle service agreement guys as they like. The only way to found out truth is call them again and pretend you are a new customer (without giving the plate number) and see the next appointment availability and if it is any earlier you will know your answer. Whatever the outcome, do let everyone knows here. It will surely help others too in the future.
  3. More than i have saved, i think I made other people saved with helping so many ppl around just because some of you guys helped me when i was in trouble.
  4. Vivekac: Good luck man, and good choice made with pathy. yannick27: Your case is very clear with below two options: 1. If only vibration at steering after 110: Steering stabilizer need change 2. If you have vibration + slight wobble: Wheel balancing is out I know i might sound stupid to you that after reading that 2 set of tire change and you still have this, but trust me about 90% of tire installing shops DONT BALANCE PRECISELY and that fraction of unbalance cause high speed vibration with little wobble. Get to some real professional who do wheel balancing with properly calibrated machine. I saw one good shop in Deira few years back, but i cant recall its name and number. Its somewhere diagonally opposite Muraqabat Police Station (Behind metro station).
  5. Misfiring usually cause by worn out spark plug, bad HT leads (spark plug wires) or weak ignition coil. Get these 3 thing checked, that any mechanic can check in less than 30 minutes and advise. Make sure if mechanic says HT leads or coil are faulty then get the second opinion as sometime experienced mechanic can also make mistake in judging the real cause.
  6. V6 and 3.5 s actually bad for city drive bro, there is no as such way that you can improve it. Just hit less throtle and plan braking from distance.
  7. Post your questions here, may be non centennial owners can help you too...!
  8. You should be checking the gear oil interval and look into getting it change if in doubt. This D to R and P to R is first sign of aging gear oil. When car is hot at ideal temp, gear oil also gets at ideal temperature and circulate between gears better, when in cold it takes some time to provide adequate lubrication in gears.
  9. Hisham, your comparison looks very wise.
  10. the grooves of the gear is worn out. get them checked.
  11. what did you do after the trip? what did you check and change?
  12. when driving the car if you feel the road more then you are suppose to this means that its time to change the car bushes.
  13. Hi Baily, looking at date i am sure you must have checked and fixed the problem. Can you share what was it? Was it some freaky sensor or fuse??? Was it some electrical wiring short circuit that was draining the battery?
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