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  1. there are a number of things to check. first u must see if the steering oil is leaking? if not the the belt that connects the engine's main drive pulley to the power steering is broken or not, and still if you don't find anything wrong check the power steering pump and finally the power steering rack. if any of the above is faulty then it could cause the hard steering.
  2. Everything is best just depends on how many km you want dive with Synth:10k Semi: 5-7K Minerak: 3k.
  3. Check the spark plug, ignition coil and plug wire from outside first if its having some problem then fix it. (external issues) If they all are fine then get the engine compression test done and see which cylinder is having low pressure and that cylinder is having stuck valves, injector or lifter/rocker there. (Internal issues)
  4. ceck carefully something you must have kept in engine bay on edges or towards wiper area that must be preventing it.
  5. If its completely dead and no noise of canking even, then that means starter motor is dead. put it on recovery and get to mechanic. Before that check the starter relay and change that if it seems little darker than usual.
  6. My manual transmission is hard to shift. Should it be replaced and if so about how much will it cost me if i dnt go to the dealers thanks
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