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  1. Coolant shud never get deplet as it never get consumed even after years. You surely have some leak get it checked properly. It was minor before that is becoming bigger now and its a clear indication that there is leak growing under your hood. Get it check professionally and follow through under the car its easier to chase.
  2. It must be suspension noise and not cranking noise, it must be squeaking noise. Correct me if i am wrong. Cranking noise is when u start the engine and before it start it gives cranking noise.
  3. Check the fuel pressure reaching to schrader valve first. If its not, that means fuel pump isnt working.
  4. Get original filter and open engine bay and unclip the black filter box and remove old one and fix new one, just put in. No rocket science there. Its very simple to do it.
  5. If spare is same size as main tyre check for year (less than 3 yrs), then groove condition and if all is fine no worries u can drive. If spare is not same as OEM tyre avoid putting long km, just get to neareset tyre repair shop and get original tyre repaired.
  6. You need not to change the fuel filter on every service. Follow schedule maintenance break up details and do accordingly. Go for original Hyundai fuel filter only, there is no big price difference but quality may vary and may cause future issue with engine fuel management system.
  7. check the cruise fuses and then throttle cable controlling cruise. If rough and sticky, spray some wd40 and it will be ok and smooth and will engage the cruise.
  8. Start with free stuff first. Check for all fuses and relays Then air bag socket and wires are not loose of hanging making any loose contact If not get airbag sensor checked / changed.
  9. are you also experience gear shift with a jerk. If yes get your car gear oil change.
  10. Check spark plugs if it need change. If not use injector cleaner from STP from eppco or Emarat and drive at 120kmph for atleast 1 hr on highway. And see if it helps cleaning the injector and carbon. Put whole bottle in quarter tank not full as said by STP.
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