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  1. not a mistake but negligence it will put a lot of pressure on the engine if the filter is not changed. make sure you change it ASAP!!!!
  2. ferozkhanauto wrote: > Its a good practise to rotate tyres every 10,000km. for a front wheel drive > car, you should move the front two tyres to the back and the back two > should come diagnally opposite to the front. any good workshop you know who will do this for me
  3. its a easy job ya but to get a good filter is a task
  4. If i was in your place i just wouldn't be too bothered as all you know that the blub needs changing and it is a small thing but will cost u a lot of time and hassle.
  5. Hi Everyone, any suggest a good and economical place to buy and install GPS? I have Seen one garmin in carrefour that i like but they dont install it.
  6. NO i dont think it is a good idea at all. dont mess up ur car.
  7. You should not push the car when its cold. Later no problem, if your accelaration is decreasing day by day then its most likely the head gasket is leaking and loosing the power. To confirm if oil in engine turns sticky and thick or Coolant turn milky and oily.
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