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  1. i use it for my offroad drives and they really work for my car yes.
  2. really bad happened once when i got new set of tires installed from al amir workshop in al quoz i had to go them for a week everyday just to align them as they were very busy wanted me to leave the car for a week.
  3. what hameed meant was that this is a repeat question he answered this question already that is go to sharjah BMW Road and check if you find them.
  4. Whats the price of car????? How much down payment is required?
  5. If its actually a jerk at specific speed, check if air filter need cleaning or Air flow meter need cleaning. If its more on wooble then it could be from unbalanced tire, just get the tire balance and you will be fine. I think its wobbling issue as its jerking the steering too, so balancing in 100 dhs can cure your problem.
  6. use wd40 on the latch and try opening it after 15 to 20 min.
  7. there are factors like battery, alternator or fuel pump that is not working.
  8. the term used here is called sleepy power assist. which is caused by combination of contaminated power steering fluid and a power steering pump that is giving up. to Fix this you should flush the power assist system and see if there is any improvement and If not it is best to replace the pump itself.
  9. hi my 2005 santa fe needs a front break rotor changed. please help
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