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  1. really beautiful rims gives nice look to the car.
  2. this is a interesting post and i thought that dubai is flexible about warranty.
  3. I regularly use fuel additives like dynotabs fuel tablet, available from adnoc gas station. They really work good in delivering clean fuel consumption and by adding extra octane to fuel. I feel good noticeable difference in car pickup and car fuel consumption.
  4. they are of a good quality an d the best ones are sold in eppco enoc.
  5. yes tejari also come in high grade which are as good as new ones
  6. to eliminate if its a fuse problem, check the fuse. If the fuse is good then check the button that may have gotten spoiled.
  7. Gear lever may be locked out, press the small key hole button next to gear lever by iserting some key and press it inside and at same time move the gear lever down to R. It will help.
  8. If tires is too old, its ageing issue. If not its a manufacturing defect and no one cant do anything. If its new under warranty get it replaced free or else pay and get it change.
  9. Grease the drive shaft U joints, which im sure no one grease here after full body car wash. Adnoc does that for free.
  10. back shud come in front in same manner And front shud go to back in reverse order. (L to R, R to L)
  11. If its due to age, its better to change all 4 at one time so you will be trouble free for long time. If not, due to some fault arose in rear shocks you are changing then dont change front ones.
  12. Brass and copper welding is approved by RTA (Just for fyi)
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