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  1. its cheaper to get the oils changed in petrol station.
  2. getting car brakes changed from deira was a good idea from thomas garage.
  3. even when braking lightly there is a big jerk in forward. its was the first time i felt this rough brake. what can i do to make the braking smoother.
  4. why do you want to know about the pressure switch? its best that you dont get involved in messing with the AC. Anyways the A/C Pressure Switch On- right side of engine compartment-
  5. triple A that is AAA workshop has done a few paint jobs on my relatives car and he is very impressed with the work. Try them and im sure you will like what you will see later
  6. changing the bearin is one big work which may take you entire day almost. what i suggest is change all the bearing as this is a wear and tear part of the car and a very important too so if you are going to pay for the labor might as well make good use of it.
  7. well the best thing will be that you can take one of the mechanics for a drive as him to drive and he will then believe what you are saying. it can be a faulty steering dampers a shock that crosses from left to right connecting to tie rod ends that if its not working it will vibrate the tires a lot. all the best
  8. Hyundai Accent 2004 model with 214000kms on and so far still driving absolutely fine. Great car with very low maintainence bills.
  9. thanks and i will get a specialist to check it
  10. the wiper motor is working fine every time but it is getting slower by the day. what should i do
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