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  1. in india there are so many cars getting driven on 2 bolts each for years on bad roads. getting all worked up about these things is a very good thing and even the car will not get passing if they find these issues. get the car fixed its not a big problem.
  2. If its only one bolt, dont worry much. You can drive but just get it fixed as soon as possible and yes its safe to drive for a while.
  3. ABS means Advanced Braking System. If you got this while hard braking then its fine as thats where it supposed to get used in braking the wheels slowly and free them every alternate fraction of second so that your car wont skid and stops faster. It shud be in yellow color If you saw ABS in red light then its fault and means its not working. show to mechanic or do diagnostic test to find out the real reason as guess in these cases might cost more.
  4. Indeed its a very good, low maintence car and model. Had same for 3 years and it was great. But not for serious offroad purposes, hope you know that and thats not u are aiming for......!
  5. Yello hat sell and install too Satwa, Deira naif market, Shj university area are other alternate for same.
  6. USsed one, all the way. As dealer warranty is just an eye wash here. If i am good to car and have decent luck with cars not breaking often why would i spend big money for new car. I can drive same in half the price in 3 years old model.
  7. Seems like parking lock mechanism is over working in front gears than in reverse. Like champ mention, its a new so let dealers identify this issue and let them fix it. Dont ignore this on crap talks of some service advisor there. When you have warranty then even if engine is broke in two pieces, Its not a big problem sir you come tomorrow as we are busy today. When you dont have warranty every small problem will become big problem and every service you will be paying thousands than few hundreds.
  8. You need to buy a new car, my friend. Buy Sonata or Coupe. They are fast.
  9. two thing are not related get the car computer checked and tell me what code you got.
  10. y dont you get the fuel line checked if you are getting low mileage then you should
  11. It is not a problem using a spare but it is better to use the regular and the grooves will match of the other 3 tire.
  12. There is some leak somewhere for sure must be some valve also get a compression test done.
  13. I think its good practise to rotate tyres for all types of cars being it fwd or awd. You get better kms from tires.
  14. Sharjah tyre market have all types of tyres and rims, Its after sahara center and before troy university red light. Mostly iranian boys, so bargain it good. Keep the tire height same and you will be fine. Here is the formula to calculate your present tire height. Example: 255/65 R17 255 is width, you can increase width to 265 mm or 270mm safely, try not going beyond it. 65 is the 65% of 255 = 165.75mm upper / lower rubber. So for getting total rubber height x 2 = 331.5mm. Then convert to inches = 13.26 inch. R17 is radius of wheel in inches so to get total height of tire with wheel and rubber add 17 (from R17) + 13.26 (rubber thickness) = 30.26 inch total height.
  15. it is very important to do a cooling system pressure test which will locate any small leaks or there are no overheating problems, and no loss of coolant, all is well. Change the pressure cap and thermostat make sure that the cooling fans are working as well.
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