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  1. Hyundai Santa Fe is a good match. It’s easy to drive, stylish, comfortable and spacious and has high quality interior. It has ample engine power and good fuel economy. Well I guess not many people have bad perceptions about Santa Fe You should however give it a test drive and also look out online for some common problems. Every car has some.
  2. You need to be more specific about which model you are talking about ... with this particular car, the older models were not really impressive but hyundai picked them up with time. The face-lifts were doing well especially after 2002. among all the tiburons from start to finish my fav was the 6 speed manual - Coupe GT V6.
  3. Al Khail road should work for you ... that is a good highway route. Oh and I am surprised to see that no one has mentioned the cruise control feature. Using it will also help your gar mileage. It limits rapid fluctuations in your speed.
  4. Mojo is right .. don't worry about it going up to 12l per 100km, SZR can be heavily blocked at rush hours plus once or twice I took the route off of SZR on to Muhd Bin Zayed Rd which take you towards the Arabian Ranches and the traffic was jam packed on THAT road! due to an accident. Sat in the car for two whole hours ... imagine all the fuel I had burnt. But usually this road/highway E 311 is better and fast than SZR cuz I have noticed my fuel tends to be consumed more due to the constant braking and maxed out air-con on SZR.
  5. You didn't google it did you there is DIY step by step and i think it will help you out in terms of what you need and how you can get started. http://www.instructables.com/id/Ashtray-iPhoneiPod-Dock/ the connection is made through a USB cable so you will need one spare one to have your ipod connected.
  6. Mine is a 2011 model. It only does that if I have the air flow of more than one vent off. Doesn't bother me a lot since I hardly use the Max A/C mode.
  7. Hi guys, My friend bought the Hyandai elantra touring a couple of months ago and has been raving about it since. We both had the Honda accord and he sold his for his new car, he says that it is a lot better in terms of handling and the space inside the car. For him those two things are the key aspects of a fine car. He says that the pickup is also better than the hondas he owned. Now he thinks I should sell mine for a hyundai elantra as well. i seem to be inclined towards his choice ... what do you guys think, should I fall for the trap?
  8. The boot of my hyundai is not opening and would like to know how can i open it looks like it is jammed.
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