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  1. And how will i know if it is OEM performance approved or not?
  2. How many types of Torque wrenches are used in a car?
  3. I found something weird in my EX35 these days. There was kind of metal popping noise in the brakes of the car. But i don't know why is it so.
  4. Toyota Yaris or Nissan Tida? Which one do you think is best suited for girls and why?
  5. Is it safe to use re-refined oil in Nissan Altima?
  6. Yo Man! it was the fluid. The fluid level in the car was really low. I actually missed some servicing of my car, thats why the fluid level went low. Its working fine dude.
  7. I heard tires have speed ratings? What is it? How can I know the speed ratings of my tires?
  8. I like the exterior dude. I mean it’s really stylish compared to other hatchback cars. I heard that this one is with excellent features and very good horse power. I am sure it will be a tough competition to other leading hatchback cars.
  9. The wiper motor at the rear screen is not working. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  10. How do I check in my Azera if the fuel pump is gone bad?
  11. I think there is a serious issue with the power steering. It suddenly breaks down at random. The steering still works, but the function of power steering doesn’t play a role sometimes. What’s the point of buying a power steering vehicle if such problem persists? Can anyone tell me why is it happening?
  12. Very true. I am with you on this. Also, the auto experts have stated that the unnecessary weight in a car shaves off the fuel mileage. So remove any unnecessary baggage or cargo items from your car that will help in saving fuel.
  13. Hey. I love that car too. My friend has that car and i love to ride his car sometimes. Its so comfortable and easy to drive. I am actually thinking to buy that for my sister, but not really sure about it. Can ou please guide me with it?
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