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  1. Go to sharjah industrial area, there is bmw road there you can find all what you are looking for. Some shops do the installation and other sells only the headlihts like angel eyes led one you are looking. Im not sure if they can add DRL (Daytime Running Light), but it should not be difficult for them to add and install additional wiring tdirectly thru battery as you dont need switch for that so its ok. Check may be they will do it for you. For grill you can check with spar parts dealer in same area they might have some other color option, but chances are pretty less. If they dont then you can get your present grill powder coated from any good body workshop in dubai. Powder coating is better than paint as its weather proof and doesnt age after six months - year, though slightly expensive than repainting but defintely worth in long way. Good luck.,
  2. my sister has a Elantra and she is very happy with the car its been 2 years almost.
  3. its happens dont worry its a simple wire connection that needs to be changed. i think if you go to a small time mechanic he will do the work and cost you less.
  4. there is no fluid is used on timing belt. as the oil in the engine is sufficient to keep the belt lubricated.
  5. 1968 kg (4338.7 pounds) according to google search
  6. is using the coolant sold at petrol stations a good idea or are there better grades as well?
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