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  1. In a typical scenario, hyundais get better at fuel consumption with more miles ... your situation seems to be out of the ordinary so you need help for sure ... don't know if you can do something on your own or not .. If I were you i'd be at the dealership long ago since this would be affecting my pocket big time with all the travelling on an everyday basis !!
  2. Hi there basu To be honest I think you are stuck with it in terms of pricing ... since you're right about its demand decreasing around the market. have it cleaned and touched - up a bit ... if your tires are fine and do not NEED to be changed then don't put that kind of money into it ... I bet the offers won't increase in terms of pricing. Honest opinion
  3. hello ... i am buying my first azera - its second hand with approx. 40,000 miles on it. When i test drove the vehicle i noticed that one or two error codes came up. Since this is my first hyundai i have no idea what they meant. Although the car worked perfectly fine and i have test driven it more than once to know that its in the best of conditions - should i be concerned about the error codes?
  4. i have changed one of the tires and using spare one now . i anyways have to change all 4 tires next month so i was wondering if i can use spare on regular basis or not?
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