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  1. this same problem also i have with my elantra 2012 model with about 26,700 km informed the dealer about this but they say after they check on computer diagnostic and they say no problem with the transmission . can u update what the dealer will say regarding your santa fe @ramee.thanks a lot.
  2. Gud day to everyone is it true that here in UAE you cannot send your car to garage for repair without police report? For I suffer a very small dent on my bumper when I have my car for service they told me they need police report to fix it but the dent is only cause by a grocery trolley as it is my fault and I only damage my car and not somebody else car. It's there a car repair shop who accept repair without police report.what I know is you only need police report when you had an accident and you use your insurance for repair of your car. Can you help me with this.
  3. Hi everyone . Just notice lately with my elantra 2012 car jerking when I change the gear form Parking to Reverse and Reverse to Drive and when Idrive it car is jerking but after some time jerking dissappear and running smoothly Its like it only happens when car still cold as after some time driving my car the jerking dissappear. Does anyone experience the same with your elantra 2012?
  4. the fluid added to gas tank its like gas injector cleaner just curious if this reaaly works?
  5. Hi evrybody , Is it advisable to use fuel additives my elantra 2012 already driven arounf 10200 km any one here use fuel additives , if there is what brand reccomended to use on elantra 2012.
  6. hi to everybody . Just wanna ask I have my elantra 2012 GLS with steel wheel on it . Is it possible to change the wheel to alloy wheels with the same size of my orginal wheel.
  7. Just another query, my engine under cover dont know if this is what they call engine splash cover was broken , just wanna ask if its ok to run car with under cover open ? particular in highway driving just brought to dealer they say that the spareparts are not available at the moment.
  8. have my 2012 elantra bought last december just have query regarding fan like sound stopping when I shut down my engine . like you hear a fan sound stopping after I shut down my engine . anybody here experience like this ? I already ask hyundai services center and after hearing this sound they say its norml just curious bout this sound.
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