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  1. Hey fellows! Hows everyone doing. I have a issue with my car. I have Ford Excursion from 2 years now and I just want a suggestion on how to clean and maintain my car like a new one altogether once again?
  2. Aluminium jacks mainly are very slippery and cannot handle heavy weights on them.
  3. How to find the best quality valve stems?
  4. Accessory drive modifications, vapor devices, magnets and fuel additives are some devices that i know.
  5. How can I test drive the navigation system for a car?
  6. Gas saving devices helps in improving the fuel economy and sometimes exhaust emission.
  7. Please someone tell me how to maintain the Fluid of the power steering in Honda Pilot.
  8. Recently the electric cooling fan in my BLS is acting weird. Can anyone tell me what causes problems in electric cooling fan?
  9. Yesterday, as we know it was raining unexpectedly. So i would like everyone to share some precautions that one should take to avoid any hazard or car accident during rainy time.
  10. I am Experiencing a weird noise in the alternator. But don't know why. Please tell me why is it happening?
  11. Matt blue looks really cool. But i am not really sure whether a girl should get her car matt finished. But its her choice at the end. Actually there can be two things she must have seen: One is sticker. Its only really apaint but sticker which gives a matt look on the car. that is way cheaper than actual matt paint. If you go for the sticker, i think it will cost you almost 1000 AED. But if you go for complete matt paint, minimum it will cost you 2500 AED. Choice is yours!
  12. How do we clean the fuel injectors in Panamera?
  13. There is a wheel bearing noise in my Freelander. Why Why why?
  14. How to replace heater core in a car?
  15. I faced such kind of any issue too. I literally got pissed by my dealers. But fortunately, they were nice and they replaced the hoses without charging me anything. offcourse, it was the manufacturing fault, and they have to get it fixed. Just be strict with them.
  16. Thanks brother. I cleaned the air box as you suggested. And yes, the air filter was too dirty. I changed it with a new one. I cleaned the complete airbox as well. Its was too dirty man! i hope the mileage will improve now.
  17. Hey everyone. Please discuss the most basic repairs that even a begginer can do.
  18. There is a hole in the exhaust pipe of my Cherokee. Is it gonna affect theperformance of the car? If yes, how to fix it?
  19. Exactly! I remember me driving on off road where there were so many potholes. Just the next day the tire got punctured because of one big nail inside the tire. I took my car to a mechanic and he told me that the brakes are also bad. The steering was really loose and vibrating on braking on small potholes as well. Potholes are really bad for your cars. Avoid as much as you can.
  20. How do we service the air box of the car in order to maintain the gas mileage?
  21. May be Struts or shocks. Also check the pressure in the tires.
  22. when u feel the car is running rough or dont feel the smoothness enough then its time that you get the bushes checked.
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