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  1. I don’t think it really matters. You just need to take care of the dimensions and what is it made of?
  2. General Question, What causes the starter problems in a car?
  3. You should not ignore the noise in the wheel bearing. It’s kind of serious. If you ignore that, your vehicle actually loses the wheel. I would suggest you to take your car to diagnose.
  4. Absolutely. And that’s why it is always suggested to align your tires with passage of time to avoid tire vibration.
  5. Hey I am going to Saudi for a week via car. Please give me some travel tips. Thanks!
  6. There is a fault code P:0300 in my Lancer. What does that mean?
  7. Refrigerant! Very interesting. See, you can check the refrigerant in your vehicle system in following ways: Model Year: If your car is old than 1992 model, then it’s dangerous. The Purest refrigerant form is R-134a which was introduced in 1992. So, the car manufactured before 1992 doesn’t have the purest refrigerant in it and thus the refrigerant present in there is illegal. By the end of 1993, all cars were by default equipped with R-134a. Although R-12 refrigerant were equipped with R-12, but there is a chance that these refrigerants would have mixed and contaminated if you refilled refrigerant in your car after 1993. Decal: Service information decal in cars helps in detecting the type of refrigerant n your car. Not only that, but also the capacity and level of refrigerant and lubricant can be known by decal. Service fittings: R-12and R-134a comes with different types of service fittings. What is it if you ask? If helps in reducing the contamination in the refrigerant. R-12 comes with 7/16 inches of service fitting which you can find it on the lower pressure side and 3/8 inches on the higher side. For R-134a, 13mm on the lower side and 16mm on the high pressure side is present. But if you find service fittings which is other than this, it mean the refrigerant in your car is illegal. And please, my personal advice. Don’t ignore refrigerants in your car especially when you know that it’s illegal. Illegal refrigerants not only damage the AC in the car but it can damage the complete engine. So try to ignore that by maintaining pure refrigerant in your car. Catching fire because of presence of flammable refrigerant is a true story actually, so don’t try to put illegal/ flammable in your car just for fun.
  8. The muffler in my car is really noisy, and that’s why I want to change it. Can anyone help me with the procedure to change it?
  9. Is it possible to reduce the possibility of tire wear for & series BMW? How?
  10. We all know how the traffic works in Dubai, and how many accidents are happening in a day. Please discuss some safety tips that one should take care of to avoid any kind of bizarre or big accident.
  11. Hey people. Let’s create a list of inspection that one should keep in mind while buying a used car. Many times I have owned a used car and they were all lemon. So I don’t want anyone else to suffer the same thing as I did.
  12. I have never done a DIY before. But I want to replace the fuel line in my car. Is it a good idea to do that as my first DIY. If yes, then howcan i perform this?
  13. If not, then may the engine oil is leaking. If the oil is leaking it means the engine will get heated up and some engine parts will be affected by it.
  14. May be the oil is burning inside the engine. Do you see any blue smoke coming from the exhaust?
  15. What are the basic tools that one should have while diagnosing any issue in the car engine?
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