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  1. jesper you are right.... highway it gives 9 to 11.5 per litre.
  2. I would like add to my above question, I drive very carefully. My RMP never reaching at 2.5 Plus. Most of time try to drive at 1.5 RMP to find a better MPG but My Santa Fe has decided not give better than 7 to 7.2 KM/ Liter.
  3. What is the offroad capability of Tuscn and Santa Fe? can you bring these cars in desert?
  4. I was driving my Santa Fe on Jabal-e-Shams Oman. I used AWD lock and put my car in 1st gear (not in D mode). In a sharp steep ramp when the car was going down, RPM reached at 5.5 but the speed was under control only at 25 to 30. When I move gear to 2, the speed reached at 80-90 but RMP was at normal. I used heavy breaks to reduce speed. Is it OK to drive at 5.5 RMP? What will be the effect on engine?
  5. My Santa Fe 3.5 2012 model gives fix 7.2 KM/ Liter. Is there any way to improve the MPG?
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