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  1. how horrible still these guys dont understand that customer service is so important.
  2. hahahahahahahah thats what you tink leave you car open in satwa and you will know.
  3. Even after speaking to the service center i still havent got a clear answer that if i get the fuel pump changed will it voild my warranty Anyone here in the group can please advise me?
  4. cabin filter in my understanding should be changed every time we service the car but when i serviced at 80,000 kms which was major service they didnt change the filter. was this a mistake?
  5. had a fine and then got the entire console changed.
  6. the liking was he problem. fixed it costing me 1000 aed.
  7. every week i face this problem the fuse of the tailgate keeps fusing and i have to change the fuse. Why is this happening and what should i do that it stops fusing?
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