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  1. I think I can compromise on the fuel economy as it isn’t so bad. thanks for the feedback guys .... from your comments I gather that its performance is above average and its worth the price. I would love to give it a try.
  2. Hi, I am looking for an affordable car that is easy to drive, easy to maintain and still deliver in terms of performance. I am considering the Hyundai Santa Fe. I would like to know if it is a good fit. i know many people must have inquired about the same, so if someone could direct me to the relevant thread, that would be great! Honest opinions please!
  3. Are you talking about the 2008 model? Thats when hyundai ended production of this car. I found it terrible ... and you're infatuated... are you sure it was a tiburon? Hyundai produces other kinds of good cars. unfortunately this one wasn't among them.
  4. Well to be honest I try to avoid the SZR and sometimes take the Jumeirah Rd to get to Bur dubai. Work near Marina. What I can do is after Nakheel metro station take a detour and get on to Al khail rd to avoid traffic. This route usually has lesser traffic but i always used to think the traffic wasn't the problem but the distance was since this will be a longer route for me. Guess I was wrong !!
  5. Feroz buddy is right. Re-circulating the air is a part of the max AC function right? The flap that cuts off the outside air is probably not closing completely. The guys at Juma al Majid should be able to fix it. Nothing big.
  6. Well guys on an average my ride is consuming anything between 8-9L for 100 km on the roads ... the good gas mileage was exactly why i bought the car in the first place!! I still like my car in all other aspects but this factor is emptying my pockets!
  7. hi hyundai lovers i bought a new accent a couple of months ago. I don't have a big issue but the car seems to be taking up a lot of fuel recently ... it worked perfectly find in the beginning ... went back a and forth with the dealerships on it but they found no problem. I started to calculate how much it is using on a daily basis and the numbers have started to shock me now - any idea of what can go wrong? by the way ... i don't know a lot about cars so any simple explanation would be appreciated. thanks
  8. Hello everyone, I wonder if someone here will be able to help me with this small problem but it can turn into a significant one. My sunroof has started to leak ... for now its not a lot of leakage ... i noticed the inner side a little damp after a car wash .. i just want an idea on how to go about it ... should I get the seal changed or should i touch it at all .. or should i wait for it to actually start leaking for sure .. i am not all that worried because I know that it doesn't rain a lot here in the UAE but the rain season is just around the corner ... so you know ... Don't want to be going to work with a wet suit and all!
  9. Santafe is a family car and 2012 they have no big deals on this car. the rating is 7.8 out of 10 here ive got the link check it out. http://www.thecarconnection.com/overview/hyundai_santa-fe_2012#mainReview
  10. i tried too but didnt succeed so i let the professionals do the job.
  11. what brake oil is used is hyundai brake oil best for their cars?
  12. if there is a problem with starting the car then the spark plugs should be changed.
  13. best service is in usa. and cheaper too.
  14. this changing the knob is going to be easy for the mechanic but did you find the part first?
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