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  1. I am really amaze after reading the hyundai official blog about the preview of next generation sub-brand N take the center stage at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Looking forward this beast of 2025 on road soon!!!
  2. Hyundai is about to announced news for forming a new global luxury brand under the name Genesis that will eventually have six distinct models by the end of the decade.
  3. Hyundai and Bisimoto Engineering have revealed the most-powerful 2016 Tucson ever created, built by the powertrain gurus at Bisimoto Engineering for upcoming 2015 SEMA in Las Vegas. Following up on their high-performance takes on the Sonata, Genesis Coupe, and Elantra GT of past years, hopefully this can gain some attention to the Tucson now.
  4. Hyundai took a very nice crack and made its first luxury coupe. Design is quiet overwhelming and not suiting the brand profile, but seems very polish and rich like Aston Martin and Maseratti brand marquee. Hyundai definitely wants to get more into the building of luxury cars, but seems unsure about what route to take after Azera, Genesis and Centennial.
  5. Jagdesh: Your car has 68 AMP battery that keeps 600 AMP as a cold cranking Amp. You can get any battery that is close to this spec. Major thing is it should have same or slightly higher AMP not lower. Secondly before buying make sure the size is same as your current one in terms of length and width. You can choose from trane, Solite, AC Delco etc. approx should be within 300 dhs. More importantly before changing call the dealer and see if this battery is covered under warranty as its less than 2 year old car.
  6. Auto lock is very easy to install if car has come with central locking feature, then its only the auto lock box need to be installed and voila. If car is not having central lock then you need to install central locking mechanism in all door with proper wiring and then install auto lock box and configure everything with remote. In satwa irani guys can do only auto lock remote system from 100 dhs to 200 dhs. And if central locking is also needed then you can add another 100-150 dhs extra for that.
  7. pygmalio wrote: > Did you know that Hyundai started out as a manufacturer that sells cheap > low quality cars? Pretty much like cheap Chinese products (No insult > intended). In 2000 though, Mr. Chung got fed up with the > "low-quality" brand and ordered his team to focus on quality. > > When Hyundai made a guarantee of 100,000miles or 10years in the US, they > created not only a name of affordable cars manufacturer but also that of > quality. interesting.
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