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  1. take the car to the dealers and they can help out as this is not possible otherwise as if a thief can disconnect the alarm then the purpose of having an alarm is defeated right
  2. you should check the fuel pressure with a fuel pressure gauge to confirm it is within specification. check the coolant temperature sensor and the ignition switch.
  3. it is in between the 3rd and 4th cylinder just before the fire wall.
  4. changing of the timing belt depends on the Manufacturer but it is advisable to change it after every 50 - 60 K km
  5. 1.Lower antenna rod by operating antenna motor. 2.Insert gear section of antenna rope into place with it facing toward antenna motor. 3.As soon as antenna rope is wound on antenna motor, stop antenna motor. Insert antenna rod lower end into antenna motor pipe. 4.Retract antenna rod completely by operating antenna motor. 5.Install antenna nut and base.
  6. If remaining 4 studs are good then i wont worry much about it. you can change later its not a big concern.
  7. My friend also has same and there is no repair for this, only change is required and my friend got it done in warranty from AA for free. So make sure if you have warranty its time to use it nicely, without that i think it costs 5000 dhs. One of the main reason for these tiny blisters are direct sunlight and my answer to Infiniti is where in Dubai we have indirect sunlight, pretty lame these guys have become now on the sake of cost cutting.
  8. my car was purchased in 2005 and i am a second owner, never had major issues except that my car make a slight groaning noise when making a tight left hand slow turn or u turn or roudabouts any clues
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