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  1. there is this test called pressure test that will determine the leaks that will be done by professionals at good service center.
  2. if its a newer car i suggest go to the dealer and get original paint done
  3. spark plugs are to be changed every 2 years or 48,000KMS which ever comes first in general but its best advisable to check the manual first.
  4. have you tried in sharjah they may have workshops doing this job.
  5. i have found an excellent video. http://youtu.be/zUpXgAJ1gjU
  6. did you check the carburetor if its chocked then the car may hesitate even check if the fuel pump is working as well
  7. if you get a full inspection done then its going be very good for your car. so do that and you will know what other faults are there.
  8. Seems like after age your engine producing black smoke which is causing this black spot on body above the exhaust tip. Go for Bilstein engine cleaner that can renew the engine internal component like new one and will help stop black smoke, pinking and missing (if any) Check with Emarat, Enoc and Eppco as i remember seing this sometime back, cant remember where.
  9. See if washer is still working or not? If not then see the water jet, hose, or electric connection is loose??????? If it works, then probably you need to get that fault cleared up with computer diagnostic system.
  10. You can try in shj scraps for original one. Also deira naif aftermarket parts will definitely have similar one that can fit in that slot.
  11. Take a needle and slowly pass it in the hole from where the water is sprinkled out it will remove any blockage that the hose may have and see if you still face the same problem.
  12. looks like some sort of an electrical problem. get it checked by the same place u bought it from.
  13. I dont think heat has any co relation, as anyways heat inside the engine is lot higher than africa, uae or antartica......! Older engine logic i can accept it. Its better to change slightly early in hi run motors.
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