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  1. Autozone in Rashidiya offer good body workshop services, I have taken my wife Polo once there last year for similar bumper fixing job and they did a good job. Hope you have the police report or else no one in Dubai will fix your car (that's a law).
  2. Well something similar to this happen in my Pajero few years back, when an electrician was fixing or rather replacing a power antena and after fitting that he goofed up the light that shows the outside temperature. I noticed in evening when i reached home, and went to that mechanic again and in few minutes time he fixed it by playing with some wiring loom behind the dashboard. So bottom line is, if you got some recent electrical works done then go back to same electrician and he will fix it. If not then show to some good workshop who have capable electrician and he will figure out whether its fuse is blown or light need change or something else. I have noticed also that many times dealers don't like to replace or repair smaller stuff and straight away quote for whole unit replacement, of course it means more money to them but it hurts end user budget. Opposite Lamcy plaza in Karama, Dubai i have come across nice car music shop that have very good electrician, if you don't know any then pass by and check if he can fix that. Small things irritate a lot, I can understand and relate to that.
  3. Why is my Infiniti feeling heavy? any particular reason for this?
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