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  1. The Infiniti is a four door luxury sedan with a V8 engine. It can accommodate 5 passengers. The front lights design is unique and the interior is also well done with nice wood trims and beautiful leather. The back seats can recline, it has a smooth ride and the brakes are good. Five stars from my side.
  2. Battery problems are getting so common what is wrong with the batteries these days. i was reading a poll where majority of the problems related to cars were coming up as electrical problems or batteries. Theyre one of the worst too. They can leave you stranded anywhere and without any prior warning.
  3. thanks guys at least i had this platform to spill my beans out every now and then.
  4. thanks guys ... i could not hold on to my seats to wait and see what problem comes up so i took the car to Arabian Autos today and they said the starter needed changing just like i envisioned .. now im thinking i could have saved a tripped and done it myself too lol. They'll be replacing it. We're just never happy.
  5. well to be honest everything else was checked as a routine maintenance and at that time which was just a few days ago .. there were no such starting problems. how can i know myself what the problem might be? we can think about the fixing part later.
  6. yes it wouldn't start and i got the wirings, battery, terminals, leaks, everything checked recently. The starter keeps coming back to my mind.
  7. Hi guys, my car an infiniti G20 is havin problems starting and i think i might have to get the battery checked. Last year i had a new starter installed and the symptoms of what is happening now are almost the same. Could the starter be already worn out and needs replacing?
  8. yes i can most certainly do that! dont have a spare one but I wanted to get one anyways! good thinking .. anything else?
  9. Habib right ... i already established that the noise is coming from the tire and what might be that process of elimination? Johnson to be honest it is just a tire noise ... not too loud either. What can i check to know what is causing the noise?
  10. My infiniti G37 10 is going through a rough phase. Right now I am hearing tire noise and need a quick solution since I will be having guests right after Eid and cannot deal thoroughly with the issue right now. Can anyone advise some good techniques to reduce the tire noise?
  11. Ayawar - I actually googled thatt and it really does happen. Cool . I would think that its the lunch my wife packed me Check mufflers just in case and finally check if the head gasket is leaking into the engine cylinders in case the smell turns into smoke smell
  12. So the Infiniti Q50 2014 (previously known as the G-37) is hitting the markets soon ... hopefully this year in UAE and I can't wait to test drive it. i was reading that the pre-sale program for infiniti was the most successful in its history and it only leaves me more curious as to how good this sedan would be. Not only that the Q60 coupe and convertible are also mingling aroundd ... the coupe is soo amazing!
  13. Hi Habib, although i haven't test driven this vehicle but the infiniti's JX is a luxury SUV combining the features of different vehicles like Nissan's pathfinder and Altima (there might be more names here). A V6 engine with 265 HP is decent and I have heard that this particular model is quieter and lighter to drive around. Its actually perfect for those car lovers who like to cruise in their vehicles instead of rash driving. You should ideally test drive it before paying the price. Cheers
  14. Hello there, There seems to be a problem with your accelerator. i also read somewhere once that it can also be due to the car being cold although i do not agree with this theory. The text provided that in an automatic vehicle which is set to the drive gear the vehicle might move since enough torque exists to cover mass and since it idles at higher rpms. Anyways, if this is not applicable then your accelerator needs to be checked out so better take it in for a look. hope this helps!
  15. Infi G35 radio and CD player is not working and i cant even press the button. What is this?
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