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  1. I honestly think that what Zeus says is best. I have thought about the matter, and I think you could in theory remove this light yourself by locating the sensor on the wheel internally, but I just don't think its a beginner's project.
  2. Hmm thats a good question. Well what year is the car?
  3. Hmm I hate to be the one, but did you check the most obvious thing? Anti Freeze? It may seem silly, but whenever my AC stops working nothing will come out of the vent so it seems like the vent is not working, but when I put more AC liquid in there every thing works fine.
  4. Okay, I'm actually thinking of doing this on a weekend in June, cause I have really crappy tires and I don't want to make a long trip with my cruddy car.
  5. Are you asking after the Mechanic has already worked on your car? If so you are just going to have to eat that charge. Real talk. Don't play with the Car Mechanics cause they will mess your car up.
  6. Come again. When did I ask this? Point me to the page bub.
  7. I don't want to ask the obvious but here goes: Have you taken it to a dealer?
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