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  1. This seems untrusted stats as I witness Emirates road on daily basis and it seems the hell of a driver comes to emirates road for learning high speed driving like in a driving school. Reported incident is less as camera's installed is too far than on shaikh zayed road, but Emirates road is more dangerous road in Dubai, trust me.
  2. It's an amazing looking cady, souped up and pampered enough to give Audi A8 good run for its money. Just googled it's price and it seems in range of damn 70k USD = 260 AED, so I am sure in UAE it will have starting pricing of 300 upward.......! CTS is in range of 160-180 bracket, so I am sure though name sounds too similar but it's in a different league altogether.
  3. Danny actually has a point that if disclaimer is needed for fixed cam then same should be applied for mobile camera. Another idea to fix clever drivers is to place plenty of bogus disclaimer randomly around city and only 10% should have a camera behind it on some days.
  4. If I am not wrong Land Rover were the first 4x4 to come to UAE in 70's where ppl used to address 4x4 as Land Rover, means go anywhere type of ride. Even Dubai police old pictures shows that they were using the LR in the past to rule the Land.
  5. Thanks god, that price have come slight down now as slump in oil as I have been paying 30 dirams difference per tank for 6 tanks a month. Hope this difference will be reduced to half with sep price. I hope oil price stay low all life now......
  6. There have been lot in talks and draft stage going on in UAE lately including above and income tax as well. Question is what value added benefits govt is ready to offer against all these VAT, taxes and duties....?
  7. I have taken DIB once and had no issues, seems they are very aggressive in competitive interest rates and keeping their agents active in all car dealers location and get better business unlike other lousy banks in the region, who wait if someone calls and then they will open their eyes.
  8. If it's really a fuel then other few hundred thousand cars should also be affected, why only one car....? And reading increase from 2-3 mg to 86.6 mg is HUGE variance to impact thousands of cars and hundreds of other car brands. Octan oops Octane spelling is wrong in last bullet point. Is this report really made by Ford Motors UAE. I would say first write to Ford USA and then report this to consumer rights here in Dubai to find out more clarity who is wrong and who will be paying for your damages.....?
  9. Hope you know that bimmers engine fan is super loud and you are'nt comparing with japanese silent beauties. Secondly they run even louder in summer as heat is more and to keep engine cool they push extra as their rpm is directly running through engine speed and engine heat. I won't bother about the noise if car in-dash gauge shows me normal temperature like before then it's all good man. enjoy.
  10. I guess let's wait until 28 July before we really get so sentimental and sad, may it's just a few fils and we are fine. MORE IMPORTANTLY: They plan to tie to intl rates that means if Oil hits 100+ again, then we will be paying double of Aug 2015 rate...... That will be scary.
  11. Nissan Patrol, all the way. Any model, any year, any number of doors it simply rule in desert, wadi's, mountains, water etc. I been to Hatta pools once and due to flash flood lot of cars of got damaged and I have to accommodate 14 people in my patrol from wadi till Dubai without a problem.
  12. Hi Guys, after long time. This place has changed quiet a lot since my last visit and I hope i am making post in right place. Friend of mine advise me to get the original OEM spar parts from outside shops in Deira / Sharjah other than the dealer parts center. I called one of them and got good price and bought two non critical spare part. My question, is if those guys are selling original or counterfeit spare parts as their price is about 40% lesser than the original Infiniti dealer price tag....?
  13. At an average, ar batteries lasts for 4 years and then they need replacement. In UAE, since the weather is too hot, it lasts for 3 years only. also, AGM batteries lasts longer than wet cell acid batteries.
  14. Sometimes the noise is also because of bad belt tensioner. It damages the alternator and thus alternator becomes noisy.
  15. Mazda 3 Vs VW Golf: Which one is better?
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