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  1. Well i dont know but i never liked the services by Cadillac. I mean they are relatively slow than other brands when it comes to regular servicing. They tell you that they will give the car back in 2 days, but it takes 5 days. I mean for what?
  2. Benson, if the lug nuts are loose in your car then the tires of your car will get loosen and it may fdrag away from the car itself. Small things like lug nuts loosening can result into a huge problem. DOnt dont waste your time and start tightening it up.
  3. Cool man! You covered almost everything. I just wanna add one more point that always keep your insurance and car regirtartion papers with you in the car. If incase, there is any roadside accident, your car registration is the first thing a policeman will ask.
  4. What does it mean by universal antifreeze for the car? I heard this from somewhere, but don't know what it is!
  5. hey people. Please share which car you think is the most troublesome cars on UAE highway and why?
  6. How does the ignition system in the car works?
  7. I wont suggest you to go for a used van. I mean if you can afford a new one, its way better. it will cover the warranty, insurance and everything. And you dont have to think about the heavy maintenance as such for atleast 3-4 years.
  8. Hey peeps. I am driving Q45 from an year now. I got my car back from the dealer, and he told me that the brake vacuum hose is broken in my car. Can anyone tell me how much will it cost to diagnose this issue?
  9. I think its normal. Many of my friend's car is in garage for a month, and still in the same condition. I would suggest you to always maintain your regularly. And drive your car smooth avoiding off roads and potholes. Audi, according to me, is a good choice when you maintain your car regualrly.
  10. For the light scratches, you can use acrylic scratch remover on the rear windshield. For the deep scratches, you can sue cerium oxide ceramic. They both come in liquid form. Just apply it to the windshield and keep it to dry. Wipe it off with the lint free cloth and wash it after sometime.
  11. Are these deep scratches or light scratches?
  12. Core charge is basically a deposit that one needs to give it to the auto parts shop/ workshop if you are buying a new part without depositing an old part. There is no core charge if you are exchanging a part to new one, but if there is no exchange, then for sure there is core charge.
  13. Well I suppose the fluid of the power steering is low, and that’s why the steering is too hard.
  14. You can use the volt test to test the short circuit in your car. To do that need the voltage test bulb. Remove the positive terminal of your car battery and put up the voltage bulb to the positive connections of the circuit. The voltage bulb will automatically turn on if the circuit is fine. If at any point, the voltage light doesnt turn on, that circuit point you have the short circuit.
  15. SRS which mean supplemental restraint system light is actually associated with your airbags and the system. Whenever you start the car, the system diagnose the airbags process as well. If you are facing this light, it means the software controlling the airbags needs to be checked, otherwise the airbag may not pop out in case of any sever accident.
  16. Nice. By the way, one suggestion. When you do that, check the color of the brake fluid as well. If you see the fluid gone dark it means the fluid is not in a good state to be used and need to be replaced.
  17. You can. But you need to look up fpr the mileage of the car, how many KM, was the car involved in any accident, insurance history of the car. And 2003 model sounds bit risky, as you may have to end up spending money on the maintenance of the car.
  18. Lexus is best! Infiniti all the time is coming up with soem or the other issue, especially the interiors. i know many people who are frustated of the interiors of the car as the cheap plastic and fabric has been used. But Lexus! Its always a class.
  19. That is unbelievable! I mean ford has always been nice to me and they did servicig of my car really good. They customers service as well as the executives working in the ford dealer always paid full attention to my car and any issue in the same.
  20. Thansk Man! Will go to the dealer by weekend
  21. I think the replacement cost of hood latch is around 1200Aed. regarding the warranty, i am not sure if the repacement is covered under the warranty. What i know is that if the replacement is because of any manufacturing faul, the replacement is free. But if the replacement is because of consumer fault or any accident, that is not claimed under the dealer's warranty.
  22. This is my Ford Edge, 2009 Model!
  23. It actually depends on what caused the engine hesitation. There are lot of reasons why engine hesitaion occurs. Firstly, you need to get the trouble code scanned for engine hesitation, and accordingly you can diagnose the issue.
  24. The pump belt of the steering must have gone loose or may not have been in a proper position. You need to get the steering belt checked from a workshop
  25. You need to chec the air filter first. If they are ruined, you need to replace them with new one. Secondly, always maintain the air pressure in your car. Also, one more thing. If your car is heavy, the mileage goes down. So take care of that as well.
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